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  1. Yeah, its an assembly change. I think the path returns an array of nodes, so I should be able to sum the distance between the nodes and compare it to the worldspace distance to target. I looked at it during A19 but didn't really make any notes. Do you have any info on how the behaviours and tasks work? I just need to use that path result to switch into the destroy block thing instead of following the path. The A* side of things pretty much works, there is bug with path costs but it doesn't really need fixing because its fine that Zs are dumb so I think that can all be left where it is. Also, new computer, so I don't have any tools setup. Is there a guide on getting the assembly and DLL patching. Pretty sure there was a simpish thing that extracted and allowed you to build and run the game but I'm basically starting from scratch again. This shouldn't be the hardest mod to write, but I think it'll nerf most of the bases that exploit stupid pathing - the horde just prefer to destroy rather than be taking on a loop, so I think they will act more like "real" zombies and just improve horde night. We've got a few other balance changes, like a headshot, fire, and explosion damage rebalance but this will be the big behaviour change.
  2. I had a brief go at this when A19 came out, but now with A20 really want to give it a go. I want to massively increase the chance that a zombie will go into the Destroy Block behaivour under specific circumstances. After pathfinding, if the length of the path (sum of the distance between all nodes) is significantly longer than the pythagoras distance to the destination, then have like a 90% chance of just destroying a block. This is a counter to a large number of bases that abuse pathfinding to put zombies on looping paths. A little bit of this is fine, and I'm happy for it to work, but this extra block destructions should stop you relying on it as a principal defence. We can tweak that 90%, and/or adjust it based on the path lengths, until it balances. Doesn't seem like it should be too hard to achieve. DestroyArea happens depending on the moveHelper, so adding checks there should be possible - I just want a bit of help if anybody has looked at this code.
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