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  1. Cj74

    Older players?

    Mont7462 is my discord
  2. Cj74

    Older players?

    Yeah I ignored the m8... Drop the boom stick. As long as the base isn't in the snowy biome. 😆
  3. Cj74

    Older players?

    Eastern. Can Canadians even kill zombies? Lol. Just kidding.
  4. Cj74

    Older players?

    I'd give a nut to be 30 again..lol. yeah pc.
  5. Cj74

    Older players?

    Yeah I see that a lot too. If something makes you happy then I say do it. I've been playing since the atari years so there ya go I suppose.
  6. Hey guys/gals. I'm fairly new to the game and I'm thinking of starting a chanel for game play. Solo is fun but with friends I'm sure is better. I'm an old man well old when it comes to this I suppose, 46. I'm looking for older like minded people who just want to play, have fun and make others and each other laugh. Let me know if you're interested. I'd send you my discord info but I forgot it...lol.
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