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  1. I started an intensive test phase now that the new quest is working. FUN fact: the game kill counter work only from 0 to 255 and then reset itself when killing the zombie the counter will return to zero after 255. I've started a chain quest with 4 repetition of 250 kill it's raw but it works thanks again for all the helps! I've attached the latest version of my files if somoneone want to have fun on it. 😛 items.xml quests.xml
  2. It works!!! It Works!!! it was a stupid mistake: i forgot the "S" at the end of the file "quest".xml you are a shaman!!! ^^; thanks a lot!
  3. thanks again for the suggestion. I've tried it, but still no luck. Something is wrong but I cannot figure it ç_ç
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Telric, I've removed the extra </objective> but no luck
  5. I've dropped the idea to have one auto quest that will trigger each 10 player's levels. I switched to create a simple quest (like the post-it quest that you can find in loot) that ask to the player to kill 1.000 zombies all around the map to gain some bonus and 1 skill point when complete the quest speaking with the trader. I've created these two files in order to create the quest item and define the quest. No error when loading the game. The quest item can be created in the creative menu. After put the quest item on the character inventory when I click on the
  6. Hi all, I just wondering if is it possibile to give 1 bonus skill point each 10 level and how? :) I think that I've to create a new questline that will trigger when the player will reach level 10, but I'm non so sure if it is the best method. At the moment I've created a quest.xml file with this inside, but the game simply ignore my creation without showing errors. The new quest doesn't appear in the quest menu when my test character reach level 10. (it should ask to the player to create a wooden block, place it and upgrade it) Any Idea about how to fix it?
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