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  1. lmao remember I just switch from console alpha 16 so all new game to me all over again
  2. Game stage is I'm At day 22 I can craft a blue tear work tools I'm now picking up steel tools from drops and chestAnd personal note to self never exit the game during horde night hours because once you log back on it will re start all over again until daybreak
  3. ok and I'm playing off line when this happened by my self and what is the max for hord now I'm on day 21 and like over 150 of them have spawned with an army of birds that spite acid? when did this happen?????
  4. it's being weird as @%$# right now I head back to the town in the frozen zone My bike goes on auto pilot somehow I'm thrown up into the air fall down take major damage have no control I exit I reload I respond back on my bike my tool belt is gone was all my items I have in there and weapons and right at the entrance of the town is my missing many bike was all of the items that were in their does a anybody else have this problem randomly
  5. Replacing the Mini bike is easy what's not easy is replacing the 100 K of iron stone nitrate and coal I just mind for 2 hours
  6. dudes not cool my min bike just disappeared
  7. just real quick cuz I cant find it anywhere else is the md5 glich a problem on pc??? I started a mine just south of my base and have 10s of thousands of raw materials that I would like to not loss I. the up coming days on day 11and I just got the work bench running and a cement mixer as well as a second forge for stone and sand to make cement
  8. day 14 they will greet a wall of stone and iron spikes lol
  9. holy @%$# day 5 ran into dogs day 7 all 50 of them @%$#ers came at once not 7 or 8 like console no no no they all came I had 1 cop show up 2 undead birds a bunch of them fat blob woman zombies and dogs I got a tackle rifle and pump shot gun on day 7 early morning from trader both grade 1 went threw 300 7.65 round 150 9mill and around 30 shotgun but yes it is definitely a lot more of a challenge then console and definitely enjoying it
  10. Once I get on later I didn't take a photo and upload it on here to show you I'm also playing on one of the pre Gen. Maps will take a photo
  11. So castle up is the way to go got it. thank u
  12. That's what I sought to it dropped me off in a Forest Hill area South a little bit right next to the snow range mountain area it looks like I'm wondering if what I found is one of the hidden treasures I'm finding on the forms Once I get on later I will try to upload a photo And sure enough right through the wall it was a cop zombie shooting acid right at me I manage to get on the roof and I'm trying to get them to come outside so they quit destroying the inside of the house And I'm not on the traditional map I'm On one of the 8000 by 8000 maps
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