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  1. Thanks a lot guys! That was very good info. I'll test that as soon as I have time to test Nitrogen for the first time. Already checked couple of youtube guidance videos and it seemed pretty simple. How about water / lake amounts if I generate world from a custom height map? Any way to choose it?
  2. Thanks for your answer. It's good to now that it's possible. I look forward for your detailed answer. :) I'm curious about the water level also.
  3. Hello survivors! This is my first post to this awesome forum so be kind :). I have couple of questions where I haven't find answers. 1. Is there possibility to adjust bedrock height / amount of blocks on top of bedrock? I don't want anyone to be able to dig so deep that zombies can't sense them. If there is solution, can it be done with rwgmixer or does it need some mod? 2. What is the easiest way to adjust height differences in rwg map? For example can I make competely flat map simply editing rwgmixer? Thank you!
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