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  1. nvm i make it working again just remove all registry from 7days to die folder and will work again well idk about punctuation xd
  2. Hello past 2 days i have been playing this game just perfectly normal and now like today i just been having some problems in making a server like i and my friend plays this game from a long time ago and i never see this error like is not at error is like a bug i can see the whole world but i can t interact with any loot i don t really have the but e on the screen when i am looting but eventualy there will be a sing were says the message press e ... but i cant loot and when i fight something i have like 100000ping and i hit a zombie and run 300m away from zombie i still take dmg because my hitbox stay back there and my body and after a short time i just fall trought map that happend when i am on my friend server when i am on my server he join my server but same he can t loot he cant open chest or he can open chest but not loot he can t see me and when i am looking at him he has like 10101010ping and after a short time just fall trought map plz help me i just search every where for this error i can t find anything and is not from my network or his we have 1 gb/s download speed and that is happening on every single map that we create.PS:We are on the same last version we never have mods we were just playing vanilla 7days_to_die_bug_report.txt
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