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  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much! I have been searching for a mod that could do it for me, so thank you! I had been changing stuff around in the XML files, but to no avail. I will give this mod a try, but from what it sounds, this is exactly want I am looking for! Thank you!
  2. Thanks! Ill take a look at biomes.xml. If I do attempt to make changes, where should those changes be made? There is a config folder that seems to be generic for the whole game, and then there's a config folder for each individual world/save. Which file should I modify?
  3. Many of you may have seen a certain youtuber that is doing a playthrough in Alpha 19.1, and he has constant, heavy fog in his world for added difficulty. I havent really done any modding in 7 days, other that changing vehicle speeds. I've poked around a bit into the weather system but could actually seem to make an changes take effect. Is there someone that could help me implement that? I have a few friends who would like to do a playthrough like this with me. Any ideas?
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