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  1. there is a few onehanded melee weapons such as the machete and clubs. its also something that helps more for when your inside a house or inside some other building other than your base right. I mean laying mines and turrets isn't a bad idea but it would be cool if they added it. I mean Minecraft and project zomboid have the ability to have an offhand. obviously wouldn't be able to use them with bats and sledgehammers. you cant tell me it wouldn't be cool to have a shield and like a machete or the new steel club. to be fair though Minecraft has all one-handed weapons sans the bow.
  2. it would be sweet if we could get shields as off-handed armor/weapon, as well as the ability to shove zombies. i was also thinking it would be cool if they added a taunt kinda thing to the game as well. i play with my friend and he usually builds himself using guns and i build myself with heavy armor and blunt weapons with a side of shotguns. it would be cool if they added a taunt cause then i can rip aggro off of my friend so he can get somewhere safe. shields or just the ability to block and or shove would be cool cause when in a fight with multiple zombies even in heavy armor it can mean de
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