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  1. i started playing this game in a18 and i specialize in mining, crafting, building, (basically anything that doesnt involve combat or cooking cause i dont enjoy those). Heres the diffence in interaction between me and my friends at the night of day 4: A18: me: "I finally created a iron pickaxe!" all my looting friends: "well we all brought back 10 steel tools of each type, an auger, and a bunch of m60s and pump shotguns along with swat and military equipment" A19: me: "I finally created a iron pickaxe!" all my looting friends: "Great! But we still need that damn fireaxe!!!! We also need you to craft more blunderbuss ammo cause we can only find pistol ammo for a pistol we cant find!!!!" at least for me and my friends, we became much more communicative trying to share our resources especially in the early game where were trying to figure out how to optimally split the precious 30 blunderbuss ammo we acquired for the day when it used to be everyone just doing their own thing and we are just chickening around by day 7. i also get more requests to craft specific items which makes me busy and incentivizes me to plan out the prioritization of certain crafting and mining. even the looters (who im assuming makes up the bulk of the negative reviews of the new looting system) within my friend group thinks positively of the new looting system cause now alot of stuff they find have relevance (ex: "i found a m60 and 5 trashes" vs "HOLY @%$# I FOUND A LV 3 BLUNDERBUSS!!!!") Any thoughts?
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