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  1. Look, it's another (I'm assuming) P.C gamer who likes to feel superior. I'm new to this site and was doing something called venting. It's what people tend to do when they're enraged. Please, if I missed a fix or solution to the bugs my game suffers from, by all means, point them out to me.
  2. So...... I've Just had my best 7 Days To Die save ever, with over 111 hours spent working on, with an absolute mountain of horded supplies and resources stored in, RESET. I built, in the middle of no where, so no prefab buildings to glitch magically back into existence in place of where my building was. Not even a tree was in the area. It was that empty. I created what was in the process of completing the best 7 Days build I've ever done and over the years I've played this game on Xbox, I've clocked some serious time and experience. My structure was both above and below ground level. I was so
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