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  1. That was the first log I sent in, but it was stated that it didn't show a connection to 7 Days.
  2. No and yes. No, the problem is technically not gone. I had to have a friend send me the map for me to put where it needs to go in order to play. If I change maps or the server is restarted, I can no longer access the game without someone giving me the map. So yes, I am playing but not without a 3rd party supplying me the map.
  3. Finally got a log located: https://pastebin.com/embed_js/mjVLxAPz
  4. I am so sorry. I am trying to help you to help me. The log I posted is exactly what is in that output log at that location. I don't know where to get you anything better or different. I am in the game and playing 7 Days to Die with the Undead Legacy Mod. My game is 19.4. I had to delete the mod and reinstall it. Once that was done, then my friend downloaded his world folder and posted it for me to download. Once I put the world folder where it needed to go, I was able to get in the game and play. It is the issue of not being able to load the map that is the issue.
  5. I followed the instructions pinned. I don't where the log is in the mod launcher. Once I find it, I will upload it. If someone knows where it is located, that will help.
  6. The mod is running on my computer. I am running 7 Days to Die from the 7D2D Mod Launcher.
  7. I am so sorry! I never meant to ignore you. Were these logs helpful at all?
  8. Log from my computer: https://pastebin.com/embed_iframe/LzwKsDXp Log from the server: https://pastebin.com/embed_js/kdTMQjbe I hope I did that correctly. I removed all the IPs and User IDs that I could find.
  9. Great question! No, I usually don't have a problem loading a smaller map when not using a mod.
  10. Thank you! I have been looking through all the files to try to find the right file.
  11. I am not quite sure how to post my dxdiag (if that is what you mean by log) and I don't know where to get the log off the server. I can wipe all the private info. How do you generate the map on my own? We tried using the map for a single player game and that worked once but never again.
  12. I have always thought it was because we are on a slower connection that it is timing out, therefore getting us kicked. I wish there was a way to verify that. I feel that is the case because both computers are experiencing the same error. EAC is turned off. As I stated previously, we are finally in the game, but only because a close friend sent me the map file to download and place where it goes. I am the one that has the hosting account at Blue Fang Solutions.
  13. That is turned off. You are correct. I will check his Windows Defender. I find it odd that both are stopping at the same spot. No, we are hard wired into our router.
  14. We have our server hosted at Blue Fang Solutions. Let me explain about Norton. My computer has Norton on it. My husband's computer does not. Both computers are freezing on the download of the map at 21%. We let his computer run all night and it never came off the 21% and actually froze his screen. This indicates it may not be an antivirus issue.
  15. Thank you for the reply. Having it temporarily disabled is the best I can do, but should have been sufficient. The server we set up has a good ping under 50ms. Any other ideas? I just want to be able to download the map and play the game.
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