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  1. It would be pretty dope if there were more aspects to survival. Fishing, Camping stuff, Farming - tractors you could fix, hoes, etcetera. It would be dope imo. I kind of question the recipe for farm plots as it uses rotting flesh. One would think that would make someone sick but alright.
  2. I find them to be pretty aggravating. I also don't know if the hit boxes are just weird or what but it always takes like three swings of my baseball bat at the most damage it can possibly do and that's just ridiculous. It would seem I'm connecting. Might just be lag, I feel like it should only one swipe.h
  3. A simpler method would be to "verify the integrity of your game files" which is essentially done when updating. You'll be fine @PoloPoPo
  4. I hope things get better. I'm rather new to the game but I truly enjoy playing it.
  5. I do apologize as I missed that particular section. I looked through the topics and didn't see it listed and when running browser through steam it tends to get upset when I scroll too much on forums. I've also used my big boy brain and realized I was being simple minded and that for some reason although Steam shows A9.3 and A8.3 after A18.4 (for some reason) that these are the oldest versions of the game available. I suppose four days of caffeine drinking and only playing 7 days to die (no sleep) results in some pretty dumb moments for me. That being said I suppose I'm stuck to the very
  6. I am at a loss for loading this game. I'm able to play the unstable version but it's unplayable for me via glitches and bugs and a mountain of issues. That being said 163 was great and I loved every second I play A19. Due to this I figured I'd just downgrade to the last version available which according to Steam would be A9.3. The issue here arises when I'm attempting to launch it. It says it is unable to launch and shows missing executable. I have: -restarted computer -restarted steam -cleared download cache on steam -verified integrity of files -uninstalled and reinstalled the
  7. I think the fishing would be unrealistic given the zombie apocalypse / fish would probably be infected. However, wouldn't it be interesting if when you first started things were a little..better? As time goes on there is some building destruction, zombies become a bit more grotesque, animals start spawning a little less frequently or are zombie variants only. I think it would be really fun if this type of thing happened. It could even be that in the beginning fish were still healthy, at least for the most part, and over time they become infected and fishing is a little more dangerous or you ha
  8. Thankfully this is one of the few issues I haven't had with this latest update. Albeit I lost some of my items and the game is all but unplayable for me, kept my levels lol.
  9. Well that's awesome, I'm glad you're able to play and have a fun experience. I'm rather envious, lol. To be fair it is an experimental build but I understand your mindset. It definitely should have been further tested before release in my opinion. I think attention to detail is very important when developing a game. Ah, man that's awful. One of my friends also had a black screen and could not get the game to load. He is attempting to uninstall and reinstall the game. Hopefully that works for him. Update: I have decided myself to downgrade to hopefully be a
  10. I wanted to make this to see if anyone else is experiencing these issues as I am. I've been told by others things have gone relatively well for them and some who say things have gone nightmarish. My experiences so far: -Intense FPS lag when moving areas no matter the speed (I've seen others post about this) -Hotbar vanishing and losing the items (relogging does nothing) -Vehicles vanishing, reappearing, etcetera -Even more unrealistic/ridiculous range hits from both myself and zombies than usual - Actually funny story, I was driving back from a mission on my motorcycle and
  11. It would be a great thing either way. You're telling me I can pick up a gyrocopter and carry that thing around but not a door? Come on mayne, lol. I get your point but I'd prefer that we're basically able to pick up and move nearly everything. I actually somewhat argue against being able to pick up vehicles although I'm certain it was done due to getting stuck and what have you.
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