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  1. this is GREAT information that's almost exactly what happened , that's really good to know , will try the log in / log out trick and if that doesn't work out ill try editing the number of zombies allowed to spawn.
  2. I was all excited for the impact driver but in all honesty its not that great its marginally faster than the ratchet or wrench and it still uses sta which boggles my mind. why would an electronic powered automated device drain sta? the auger and chainsaw dont use sta and its the same concept, i get this doesnt require gas to use but still doesnt make a lot of sense
  3. we are playing on alpha 19 experimental on a server and so far we are LOVING the patch , its great, but we have noticed something kind of strange, for the 2nd blood moon in a row now the blood moon has fizzled out and stopped at 1:30 am, usually it goes from 22 til 4 am and we all showed up loaded for bear and it just kinda fizzled out around 1:30. has this happened to anyone else? is it a know issue? is this the new time for the blood moon ? not sure whats going on so thought id ask. edit - going to add this, someone on another forum said that it spawns a set number of zombies bas
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