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  1. I'm not sure what logs would be required to help diagnose it, I've made a comparison video below, the first section is localhost and second is on my server. I've only quoted the FPS as a judge based on feedback above, if there is more appropriate information to provide, or indeed use as a benchmark I'm happy to get it. I do realise this in the general is considered a minor issue, however it makes using the spear near impossible. Thanks SpearThrow.mp4
  2. So I finally got the updated CPU, and realistically it made little to no difference to the reported FPS: It's a very odd state of affairs in so much as it's a lesser spec than what I used to run, indeed significantly worse as I ran multiple boxes on Hyper V in Alpha18 (same server without the SSD/CPU upgrades), and the only slow down you would witness would be during horde night. Under normal circumstances, throwing a spear would be fine. All other operations seem fine up to now, the only thing I have left to do is reinstall with Linux and try again.
  3. I've just tested it at the moment, having changed to an SSD but waiting for the new CPU to come, I can see some improvement. I'm only using throwing the spear as a guage, and whilst it's still not as smooth as if I play locally, it has improved. I've set process priority to high, and albeit whilst I am seeing spikes up towards 30FPS, I suspect what you stated is a good judge for me to be able to tell if I'll see any in game improvement:
  4. Hi Meganoth, I'll only be using a VM to learn how to setup and use Linux, then install 7dtd dedi server, again to learn. Once comfortable with it, I'll blank the server and roll it out as the primary OS. Again though, I'm assuming there are not inbuilt benchmarking tools or commands I can use to check how it's running? Cheers
  5. Ok taking on board the advice given , I've purchased an SSD and managed to source a 2.4ghz Xeon cpu which I'll install. With regards to Linux it's something I'll have to load into a vm and learn (Windows knowledge only here I'm afraid). Is there any form of server performance check/benchmark within 7dtd dedi server that I can run for comparison before and after upgrades? Thank you for your on-going assistance
  6. Hi Kraegor, I've got Raid Scsi running SAS drives, I've checked disk access under load and I don't think it's that causing an issue, albeit I will check and log resource monitor just to be sure!
  7. I have a dedicated server setup on a Dell Poweredge running Server 2016, Xeon 2.2ghz and 32GB Ram, raid scsi, not the best but it is soley running 7dtd. Please can someone direct me to a document or guide for ensuring that 7dtd dedi server is running as best it can, I have noticed even when locally connected (client pc to server) the performance can be questionable, i.e. lagging items, kills, throwing a spear and pickup etc There is nothing wrong when I do this locally on my main PC (100fps, no lag), or connect to a server hosted elsewhere. It isn't internal network bandwidth, and
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