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  1. Gas cooker Top doesn't include any recipes. There is nothing in all folders nor in the second one. its empty... (I mean not locked)
  2. Ahhh... farm forge... sorry. I saw that item in the game anyway the "Cooker" (that thing you place above oven)... I couldnt find any craftings there even in second crafting folders. Is it my glitch or craftings are locked or not implemented yet? And the new grill... sometimes it burns on the sides even its not operating. When I placed it it was OK, but my friend told me the grill is lit. It wasnt... but when I moved in other place and came back the grill actually was lit but the flane particles were on sides. Again i dont know if it is a bug or we made something wrong again BTW I played FarmLife on A18 alot. Its super fun for me to play this.
  3. Hello there. I know this is just experimental version of the Farm mod but still I am confused... i downloaded the 10th August update and tried it out. I was surprised that it uses lolder game mechanics from A16 and ealrier. You can pick flowers and crops just by pressing "E" (wich is useless because you need 5 crops for one seed). Quests that you need 4 corns to craft seed but its impossible unless you have at least 5 corns. For some cooking components you need forge with "tool and die set" which was been removed in A18. Can even craft cooking components that only requers anvil... well I know this is experimental... but it looks like you are trying to port the mod from A16... why dont you port it from A18? I am just curious. Please dont take it serious from me. I dont want to make you angry or so... I am jist surprised that mod does use old game mechanics. thanks. Take care. Tom
  4. Hello there. Well I played farm life on A18 and it was super fun and would love to play it on A19 but... now on A19... is there any way to disable large backpack? I dont wanna play it with this kind of cheating :(
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