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  1. NO absolutely DO NOT make the game more hardcore its already been ruined enough because of a bunch of whinny babys that didnt like how it was altho i do appreciate the trader quests skill tree and new weapons
  2. yeah it was a pure graphic update makes the game look better but it sadly killed being able to play the game at all for lower end PC's
  3. I love 7dtd been playing it since a14 sadly cant play it now due to poor PC
  4. I applaud you liesel for doing the grinding for us and TY will help alot of us later o ndown the line when we dont have to think whether that buried supplies quest is worth it
  5. Im gonna call an audible Trader jen is my new fav character model finally a new trader to look at and one thats not rude to top it off and ice to look at
  6. i say yes and no maybe said tools were from a previous survivor that died and thats what was left in his storage also said survivor could have sealed the crates and early on Q2 stone tools are everything XD
  7. no prob jcrook and i was suprised too had to turn max alive BMH to 64 to hit the fps lvls that a18 is hitting atm for me on regular days
  8. wedig start on the lowest difficulty so you can get used to the game easier
  9. Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz 54 °C Wolfdale 45nm Technology RAM 4.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 531MHz (7-7-7-20) Motherboard Hewlett-Packard 3048h (XU1 PROCESSOR) Graphics DELL 1704FPV (1280x1024@60Hz) DELL 1704FPV (1280x1024@60Hz) 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 (ZOTAC International) 59 °C Storage 465GB Seagate ST3500413AS (SATA) 38 °C 465GB Seagate ST3500630NS (SATA) 44 °C Optical Drives HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50 Audio High Definition Audio Device
  10. agreed and i can play a18 but barely i average 6fps if im lucky a16 i averaged 30fps on regular days and 10fps on BMH
  11. plain and simple if your bored with the game then dont play it but dont come on here @%$*#!ing about it and Roland loves being snarky especially when someone is snarky first
  12. Best advice wedig either watch youtubers doing playthroughs or maybe try starting on A18 first to get used to the game that may help
  13. no problem sydious i dont mind sadly not all can afford a super PC to play
  14. NO i personally dont think the AI should be changed zombies are meant o be dumb not resident evil levels of genius you want a harder game go play a mod for the game theres several that make the base game Alot harder. Im sick of people whining about not liking something and it ruins it for those of us that like the game the way it is
  15. a good idea for quests would be to increase the distance as you get higher tier quests Eg. t1 500m, t2 1km, t3 1.5km, t4 2km, t5 2.5km
  16. Was wondering all if A19 will be optimized at all, as i currently am unable to play even A18 due to lagg and crappy PC
  17. demolishers are essentially nemesis from resident evil and kinda ruins the immersion of the game and is the primary reason why more people are going to mods because the devs for the mods actually listen to everyone instead of just the whinny ones
  18. yeah underground bases are cool and got nuked because a bunch of people complained about them kinda sucks for those of us that liked building underground bases its now impossible to do so if you dont want your underground base destroyed by BMH.
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