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  1. Lacking an Ident, I have no clue which posters may or may not be part of the crew. Though, one wonders if they are part of the crew, why not speak on the points? Look at it like this, scroll down thru the posts that have already been locked down with a comment from our mod, of "Not another one of you guys". Those posters aren't coming back and they are unlikely to buy another game from TFP. Now consider all the people who surf in see what's up and decide the same thing without a post (numbers vary from study to study, but 4 to 1 is a good rule of thumb). Or how many people never come here, just down load the game from MS or Sony, figure the game just sucks and that's it. Those factors don't determine success, those factors qualify how big a success. Regardless I've said my piece, so it's time for me to get out. I'd wish the TFP success, but well...
  2. No, it doesn't really help. You've just posted your views from a pc player. If we were over on the pc forum, they'd make sense. My op is that there are a number of noticeable problems with 7dtd console edit, points 1 thru 6, a few customer service failures points 7 and 8, and a point as to why TFP should learn to console game produce. The value to the company and what niche they could fill. Why this course of action makes them money. That they can't, or atleaat are unlikely to change things doesn't mean that leadership can't interact here trying to retain existing console players through engagement.
  3. Meg, if your perspective is only tied to the pc side, I'm unsure as to where we are going with this discussion. You seem to be talking past my points. Can you your position down for me?
  4. First up, 2000 hours? Wow. I couldn't Dark souls that many hours. Impressive. Your experiences are PC centric, so aren't really applicable to this post, but I'll endeavor to give a console player's perspective. As to a game that fits all the requirements you list? It'd be foolish to try. But the larger point is that there are a number of games out there in the same sphere that are more mechanically proficient then 7 days. A ton of bedroom programmers including TFP are chasing mojang and the house that Notch built. On a console, the only thing that 7 days does better then the competition is that couch co-op. That there are devs reaching out to the comunity over on the PC side is great. I glad to hear it. But I think we console players deserve the same sort of interaction. We paid our money same as everyone else and should be treated with the same respect. Connecting with us, and reminding themselves that we are lucrative market is both good business and good business, respectively. You've mentioned this PR guy statement like twice, and I don't get why. Not sure it's relevant. Hiring a PR guy to reassure console players would likely be good move. Shows interest in building the community. Maybe Peter Molanue? 😀 Ben "Yathzi" Crowshaw does the Zero Punctation show for the Escapist, and He's a great reviewer of games. Gavin Free is a member of the slowmo guys and the Achivement Hunter's, both part of Rooster Teeth. Finally, console gamers are a big part of the gaming community. If the fun pimps are chasing the big payday, for all the reasons listed in the above posts, they should put some time and effort in to retaining us as customers. Hey Sylen, did you pass on my op to management, and if not would you Please? Thank you if you did.
  5. No, an hour or three a week talking to and building the community is an excellent way for a dev to spend time. This game has been in Alpha for a very long time. Professional reviews are, shall we say less then outstanding. This game has good reviews on steam and that's about it. Yhatzi called boring on zero punctuation, and Achivement Hunter's Gavin Free called it not a good game. It tends to fall middle of the pack for the zombie crafting crowd of games. It doesn't do anything that other survival crafters don't do, and it's only real strength is couch co-opts. Building that fan base is vital. TFP's exit arc after 7dtd is either another game, hard to do if their is no community to rely on, or sell up to a bigger company, hard to get a good price with out that community to leverage as an asset.
  6. So did you e-mail the original post up to (Rick) management?
  7. On points 1 thru 6, these are the spaces where 7d2d falls down compared similar games. If a next gen port is to be attempted, they need to be addressed, that's just a straight up review and the things I dinged it for on metacritic. TFP is welcome to do with the feed back what they will. Point 7. Leadership still needs to be involved with the community here. Engagement with the community boost sales. Plus when it comes time to sell TFP to a bigger game company that engaged community base will drive up the value of the company. Once apon a time Bethesda was a small company with a neat idea, naughty dog was a small company, bio-ware was a small company. Leadership needs to be engaged with the community. Point 8. Reasons. Well I would start with being nice is the right thing to do. But also we are customers who have spent money and whom TFP would like to see us do so again. Or perhaps the person to whom you have decided has a burr might not and you're "taking care of it" when they just don't understand. Another reason is good internet customer service is extremely important in an this sort of business model. Maybe another point to consider is that to some of the people posting here that 30 bucks could represent a significant amount of money, and store front doesn't represent the current situation. Again these are customers, not crows summoned from the ether of tarturus to peck at your liver. Yet another point to consider is that the customer got boned here. While TFP isn't in a place to fix anything, some sympathy and kind words would smooth things over a bit. It couldn't hurt in any case. Point 9. 7 days to die isn't doing anything differently that the other game companies in this sphere aren't. It might do X better then company A, but it doesn't do Y as well as company B. But that couch co-op is something I don't see anywhere else in this space. TFP aren't currently a console company, but that they can't be. The resources to do so come from making sales, and all 9 of my points in the original post are aimed at helping a small company do just that. If you could I'd like you to email my OP up the chain. Please.
  8. 1st, the PS4 version is poorly optimized. The game is not visually striking and looks like a mid tier game from the ps3 era. Some of that can be overcome by playing around with the settings. However that should be handled on the offset by the company (either TFP or the port company). The PS4 has static hardware, optimization should already handled. 2nd, the lighting effects, even with tinkering, are poor. The system leans too hard into the creepy monster movie effect. It's neat the first time, but bothersome every time after that. Needing 6 lighting fixtures for 10 by 10 room is over doing things. 3rd Improved enemy abilities, new enemy types and AI. As is, they just march or charge forward into my traps and die. Watching YouTubers play, they do the same thing on computer in A19. Or put simply, evolved undead aren't. Some undead with new abilities or maybe even some non-zombie monsters could add something new to the game. 4th N.P.C.s Me, my wife's character and 2 traders there is no one else. The world is absolutely devoid of anything or anyone else. It's dull. It'd be neat if a few N.P.C.s could wander in to my fortress. They could deal with stuff like farming or filling preset production orders/quotas. It'd give me a reason to hang on to stuff like the guns I don't use and all the clothing I keep for some reason... 5th end game content. Once you hit the end of the Tech tree and have built your fortress of solititude, there is nothing left to do. A four meter deep moat around my castle with concrete walls and the Zeds will never get me. So something at the end of the rainbow gives me an objective to work towards. 6th Boats and water physics. I build around water locations. In my first play through, about a third of the drops from the airplane ended up in the lake. A boat would go a long way towards sorting that out. Also adds new play styles to the game. On the same note, I want to weaponize water and use it in my construction. Fountains and water filled moats add ascetic beauty and defensive measures. Also Zeds don't seem to be slowed by moving through water. If that's the case, it needs to be addressed. 7th Community engagement. The current disengagement of 7d2d leadership from the console players disheartening. It should feel like leadership is here trying to work with console players. The situation with ttg is what it is, but that doesn't mean it has to end in hard feelings. Let console players know the 7 days team is aware of them. It would go a fair distance towards keeping those players as customers for the next TFP project the company puts out. 8th keeping with the last point. Our moderator is abrasive. It's poor customer service. Most responses express frustration on the mod's part for the community member not being up to speed on the events with ttg and TFP's decision to abandon the current console players. Depending on the situation of that community member, how they clicked to this board, how recent the news they have is and if English is their first language (or what dialect of english they speak) all factor in. A wall of frustration from the only point of contact with the fun pimps is unlikely to make then want to purchase a future game from this company. I would suggest that the mod have their title changed from "made up internet name 7241" to "real first name TFP mod" this way we know whom we are addressing and they know they are doing a real job as well. Same idea as a name tag on a salesperson at a brick and mortar store. Regardless of other considerations, the people posting here spent their hard earned money on a TFP prodcut and deserve to be treated with respect. Perhaps a pre-written note about the situation with appropriate sorry about the xyz of it that they can just paste up as needed. 9th Lean into console sales rather then away from us. 7d2d doesn't break any new ground. But on the console, it's a great couch co-op game. My wife and I can sit back and spend an evening building forts. That's fun and it's something hard to come by these days.
  9. Agreed. I probably would not have bought the game if I knew what was up, but if I had I wouldn't feel so cheated. I saw a YouTuber playing thought it looked like fun. The two videos in the play station store don't reflect the current situation at all.
  10. Please be more polite. I get you've likely had to absorb a lot of anger from customers who thought they were getting one thing only to find out it was something different and that has caused friction, but manners cost nothing and could help TFP keep customers going into the next console gen. Especially important as TFP is going to ask the console players to spend full price to buy this game again, for something PC players are getting for free.
  11. Ros, the front page of the 7dtd on the ps store doesn't mention a complete state note, and the media video is a live action cut of an actor slapping together a palette fort with literally two seconds of game play. The second video is tfp lead named Richard talking about his love of Minecraft, zombies and oddly enough tell take games. Why not slap up a full gameplay footage video, a note about the end of development or take the game off the store.
  12. I get that tt's crash and burn effectively ended 7's run on the consoles and there is nothing to be done about it. So why is an unfinished game which can be unstable, and won't be worked on any more still up for sale? Seems disingenuous. TFP could at least put a disclaimer on the game info screen to let potential new buyers know what's up before hand.
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