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  1. Anyone know how I can roll back to A19 B-163. While im aware of the issues/dangers of playing in an unstable build, 169 even for a beta is far to unpolished and lacks a lot of quality checks that should of been done before releasing (Personal opinion, keep your hate to yourself) Steel Knuckles left click also does not work, I imagine this is due to the changes they made with harvesting. Right click still works however and other gloves work fully as intended.
  2. So typically I run the game at 75fps 80% of the time, however I lose 20-30fps when walking on or looking at roads? anyone else getting this? Also I lose a lot of frames the higher up I go in tall POIs... but had this issue with past 2 alphas... Seen a lot of talk on stamina and I will say it is more punishing to new players and or first week or 2 of the game. I have maxed Sexy Rex and Cardio and still drain crazy fast when running or mining (No issues in combat) I get where the Devs are going with it in this alpha and it seems to be a huge emphasis on food and drink, before it was irrelevant however now you need food and drink at all times to perform any major physical task... For me it feels the changes get you to perk differently in the beginning, I would normally max Miner69er/Motherlode/Sexy Rex, but now im taking early points in farming and early points in to cooking which isn't that bad at all. I play Warrior difficulty 50% loot 50% exp, even on warrior dmg perks are not needed till week 2 or even week 3 for a Vet player. All in all im enjoying a slower more gruelling playstyle but as a Vet my opinion is invalid XD On another note here is my world seed "The Horde" (without quotation marks) 300m spawn from Trader Joel, opposite him is a bunker POI (The one underneath a vent in a fenced of greenspace) and 3 Tier 5 POIs within 500m
  3. So done some testing with the Junk sledge with a friend and while yes as a weapon it sucks and solo it is worthless. But it can play a role in team play, with a weighted mod (Burning mod for added DoT, not needed but nice. ) It acts as a great support weapon. It rag-dolls zombies like no ones business, with such great CC its easy to clear and keep allies safe. The fact it uses no stamina is nuts, what it lacks in damage it kinda makes up for in utility. (FYI deployed mode is meh) This being said it still needs more work, but not a total flop like most are considering it.
  4. Loving the stone age, however I am having similar issue with T1 Quests being 1km+ away. Not a huge issue but a struggle early on, I know quests are being reworked because the rewards are crazy... 150 .44 rounds on a T1 quest and 200 9mm and 120 shotgun shells. Back to back rewards. All these are trivial and I know will be balanced, however I can't scrap anything there is no 'S' option to scrap anything as well as 70% of recipes are not available or don't appear in crafting menu (I.E wood frame) So I can't complete the tutorial missions or do an awful lot. Fresh install did not help, I know its experimental and expect bugs, not griping just pointing them out. Keep up the good work.
  5. From watching the streams I can see why there is so much hate on the sledge turret. However whilst waiting for it to be fixed/balanced, I will just do some XML edits in the mean time to get it to a reasonably okay position to use. Hope the new guns work on release, they seem hella buggy on streams especially the models.
  6. Spent a lot of time reading through this forum and what I have noticed is too many players are worrying about what others are doing. I mean worry about how you play and how you want to enjoy the game and stop trying to ruin others way of playing. If its immersion breaking for you then that's on you, if it feels cheesy to you, then that's on you.. not on the individual using it. As for nerd polling take it out fine, but there is many other blocks and items that can be used to the same effect, I don't nerd pole but use one of these other ways to "cheese the game" as you put it. Its a sandbox survival game open world "do what you want" game. Let people have their cake and eat it, MP will never be perfect it isn't in any game and if that bothers you then rethink if online gaming is for you. (Rant over) Anyway super excited for A19 think it looks great, so glad Junkies were fleshed out so I can feel like a proper apocalyptic engineer for real!
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