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  1. Changing of the skill tree should be fairly simple to add just something that would need to be coded and tested for the proper numbers that make the most sense. Not sure on how adding new skills works but I do know that it is possible. Same with the stages as well. Not sure if there is a way to add buffs to items that are held though. Something to look into and see if possible. I know you can with blocks and obviously food/drinks. Ill add it to the list and see what I can do with it.
  2. Sorry everyone, I have been side tracked from this posting so to say. I have looked into some of this in the meantime but no meaning full progress yet but am looking into more today to see what I can do to help with the requests. I'll probably make a list in the original post to keep it more organized. I will also be responding to the posts that have been made. I see that there is also the streamer weekend going on this weekend for A19 which means its not to far out now. So unlikely that I will make anything new unless its an easy fix. I will look into the ideas so as to have a plan on what can be done. Nerd polling has been worked on by a couple other people already, Ill post the links for you. Not sure if this is a proper solution for you or not. Nerd polling is a tough one to handle without affecting the ability to build. I will look into the reloading modding for you but that will likely be a .dll edit of sorts. I don't believe that something like that can be done in a modlet or in a easy fashion. Will look into it to confirm my suspicion. Do a search within the links posted with "nerd" and should find what you are looking for.
  3. 1- This "may" get added to the list. More than likely will wait for A19 as everything in the files will change and like any other alpha or game for that matter they almost always break the mods. It "may" get some small touching on before but nothing major as it will only create more work in the end to port it forward. Not sure how many are staying on A18 after the update so that will help determine what happens as far as porting back to it. 2- Are you wanting an item that is used by admins to remove blocks to clear stuff out from old builds/players or are you wanting a tool that any player can use to make destruction easier? If you are wanting admin tools they are already available in the game. Have to do CM in the console and the open the cheat menu with "U" and type dev then click the dev icon to the left of search. There is a slew of tools TFP have provided for admin 3- This is something that is out of my scope at this time however, I have seen some modders working in this area and trying to make this better for the players who are looking for more. 4- This is also out of my scope at this time but again there are already modders working on this but there is a problem in the game that doesn't render stuff correctly. So this is being worked on but not much a modder can do with the texture issue.
  4. 1-I am pondering the turret idea, not sure how feasible but not completely out of the question at this time. 2-Mining machines already exist for what you are looking to do. I just came across one recently actually. 3-Will have to think about this some, not good with custom assets so making a windmill look like a windmill ingame migh be out of my scope. However I may be able to use existing assets to cobble something somewhat respectable. Based on some of the mechanics of the game a watermill will likely work the same out of water as in so may lose some aesthetics/realism with that. So not completely out. 4-This is out for sure as this is a locomotion thing that would have to tie into the flying and being able to follow a customizable path set by the player. Im sure there are modders out there that could be able to do this with the advanced stuff but unfortunately "I r newb" lol. Ill keep thinking about this and see what I can come up with. I appreciate the ideas! Keep an eye on my "Su1C1dal Modlets" post for any new content. If I make any of these Ill try to remember and post it here as well so you know I completed them. There are already NPC's that are modded along with new zombies so I am sure there are ways to create exactly what you are looking for without the custom actions of course. I am not aware of anyone that has had a NPC that mimics or is controllable enough to do what you are wanting. The character itself for sure could be done. Not by me as that is out of my scope of modding at this time. I am not sure what you mean by "sexual or bathroom options". I'm feel like you are wanting those actions in the game the ability to do those. I don't think TFP would be too excited about a love making mod and the bathroom option would add some realism to the game but I believe that it would be extensive to implement as you would need a bladder and colon bar to fill up and give you the need to use it. Im not sure what kind of actions you can create as I believe those to be in the dll or hardcoded into the game. Likely possible but out of my scope. Maybe this will inspire other modders to add something atleast for the bathroom needs portion. I have been considering and done a little testing to see how the sound attraction works in game. So that is something I am pondering to see if I can get that to work properly or not.
  5. Looking for suggestions on mods that people think might be interesting or improve their experience. I know not everyone knows how to or wants to mod for 7 days. I myself am not a great modder but can generally get the job done. I know we have a great community of mod creators in this forum and beyond and hopefully they may drop some expertise to help us out. I unfortunately have some extra time on my hands and have been back to dabbling in mods again. Maybe I can help get you that one thing you have been wanting or waiting for to happen. With that being said, I would like to stick to smaller modlets if possible. Suggest anything (be reasonable), the worse you get is a no from me, but who knows maybe there is a creator that is better than I that will do it. Kinda hoping this may also be some inspiration for the mod creators out there as well. Don't expect because you suggested that I will do it. The extra time I do have is due to some health issues. Those come first so if things are delayed I apologize in advance. ----------LIST--------------- -A mod that added laser turrets would be neat. Being able to make a bunch of solar panels using another mod to set up defenses that used electricity instead of ammo would be fantastic. -Many more "mods" for weapons, tools, armor, clothes, vehicles and so on. I see many stats in the files that mods don't touch yet, would be great to see this part of the game expanded on more. This will give player even more options and I like options Some examples: Tool mods: range"reach", speed, reduce sound Weapon mods: rate of fire, reload speed Armor mods: Buff resistance, degradation, stamina cost -Hi, just wondering is there any chance for you to make a mod to make the hunger and thirst to persist even after you re-spawn? ex. a. if you were killed due to thirst or hunger and you re-spawn, the hunger/thirst will be at 40% instead of 100% again. b. if killed by a zombie, hunger is at 50% instead of 100% when respawning. -Rearrange skill tree and adjust numbers to see fit. Buff certain weapons based on weight for movement speeds.
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