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  1. -Added versions to the mod list as A19 is around the corner. Will add the "A19" for the mods that are updated.
  2. Changing of the skill tree should be fairly simple to add just something that would need to be coded and tested for the proper numbers that make the most sense. Not sure on how adding new skills works but I do know that it is possible. Same with the stages as well. Not sure if there is a way to add buffs to items that are held though. Something to look into and see if possible. I know you can with blocks and obviously food/drinks. Ill add it to the list and see what I can do with it.
  3. Sorry everyone, I have been side tracked from this posting so to say. I have looked into some of this in the meantime but no meaning full progress yet but am looking into more today to see what I can do to help with the requests. I'll probably make a list in the original post to keep it more organized. I will also be responding to the posts that have been made. I see that there is also the streamer weekend going on this weekend for A19 which means its not to far out now. So unlikely that I will make anything new unless its an easy fix. I will look into the ideas so as to have a plan on what c
  4. -Updated Grass Slowdown to v1.1 -Adds a couple missed bushes/grasses
  5. If you are using the Grass Slowdown mod and find some that aren't working let me know. Ill need to know the name of the bush or plant. You can do this if you are an admin/single player by opening console (F1) then typing "dm" then pressing "F3" and looking at the plant/bush and pressing "shift". On the left of the screen will be new boxes that show up. One will say "focused block" in yellow at the top then go down to name and type that as shown in the box. That will give me exactly what I need to edit the mod.
  6. -Added Sticky Traps 2 versions -Added Sticky Trap Release
  7. 1- This "may" get added to the list. More than likely will wait for A19 as everything in the files will change and like any other alpha or game for that matter they almost always break the mods. It "may" get some small touching on before but nothing major as it will only create more work in the end to port it forward. Not sure how many are staying on A18 after the update so that will help determine what happens as far as porting back to it. 2- Are you wanting an item that is used by admins to remove blocks to clear stuff out from old builds/players or are you wanting a tool that a
  8. I think the Khaine is the only one that will conflict as it directly changes the doors themselves. His as I read it is a guaranteed unlock per pick. With mine it is chance based and varies by door. Which should also improve with the lockpicking skill. Jaxteller should be fine if it changes the held item for the vanilla lockpick. Which is what I use, no new lockpicks are added. Stallionsden I don't think mess with the doors at all just other containers like the ammunition boxes. War3zuk adds his own pick specific to the stuff he wants them to be used on so should be no conflict there at all.
  9. 1-I am pondering the turret idea, not sure how feasible but not completely out of the question at this time. 2-Mining machines already exist for what you are looking to do. I just came across one recently actually. 3-Will have to think about this some, not good with custom assets so making a windmill look like a windmill ingame migh be out of my scope. However I may be able to use existing assets to cobble something somewhat respectable. Based on some of the mechanics of the game a watermill will likely work the same out of water as in so may lose some aesthetics/realism with that.
  10. Also with the github you can download the desktop version and it uses a file you make on your computer. You add/change whatever and go to the github desktop app and it knows you made changes and what changes were made and shows you in a preview. Then you can add a description and upload right from there. I like that for testing as I use the github folder to do all the modding and I can choose what to upload and upload what I want when I want to while having ease of access with github. Basically use it as my master and take those mods into game for testing. I also only change the mods in the gi
  11. Most modders use github or gitlab to upload their mods to. Then put the link here in a post with a description.
  12. Su1C1daL

    Su1C1dal Modlets

    I thought I would share the modlets I create and use. Instead of doing a individual posting for each modlet and trying to track them individually I'd do what all the cool modders do! I am also listed on the 7DTD MOD LAUNCHER for those that use it instead. GRASS WALKING SLOWDOWN v1.1 -----A18.4 -Affects all entities- zombies, players, animals. This is too keep an even playing field. Can be used to your advantage if played right. -Default is 20% slower than vanilla. -Decrease in movement speed when walking through the various grasses. Gives reason to clearing an area
  13. Looking for suggestions on mods that people think might be interesting or improve their experience. I know not everyone knows how to or wants to mod for 7 days. I myself am not a great modder but can generally get the job done. I know we have a great community of mod creators in this forum and beyond and hopefully they may drop some expertise to help us out. I unfortunately have some extra time on my hands and have been back to dabbling in mods again. Maybe I can help get you that one thing you have been wanting or waiting for to happen. With that being said, I would like to stick
  14. I looked when I made this a few months ago and didn't find anything other than the lock smashing one. Didn't know there were other mods doing the same thing. Im going to get it up today since there are a few views on it so seems at least some interest in it.
  15. Forgot to add that if people would want to use/try it let me know, that way I can see what I need to do to get it hosted so it can be shared. Modlet is built and I currently use it. Just not sure if anyone would want it!
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