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  1. Steam name: louisgodbout Hours played: 344 since march. Started on Alpha: 18 Discord name: Lhouis Native language: french Operating system : Windows
  2. Thanks, but the game still plays in solo and I was playing in the last weeks with no problem. Any idea why it changed? Once I saw a problem with a dll file, but it did not came back.
  3. Hello all! I've been playing this games with friends P2P and we are about 5. We tried to put it on a server and today it seems like I can't join the game with my computer, but my girlfriend can. We switched from computer and it seems the computer the problem. There is nothing installed on that computer but the game and I bought it few weeks ago. Here is the computer: https://www.costco.ca/hp-pavilion-15...100521261.html Here are my logs: https://pastebin.com/ugx6UivU
  4. it might be just me, but if a player wants to ruin it's own game... well let him do bike all night if he likes it. I really prefer fighting the zombies out until it's impossible to continue (lost weapons and storage too far away), but somebody else prefer to ride all night: good for them! No? I have to say that I only play PVE.
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