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  1. I dont pretend i dont know, i really dont know because i havent played in a while. But again, how can you not learn behaviour, we play several iterations and hours of a game in which we supposedly just appeared. Its like the walking dead where they kill zombies with no problem because they learnt the behaviour. Therr is no way around human adaptative capabilities, or at least its very hard to overcome from an AI perspective for the developers. But I agree this AI is overly intelligent in those ways, but hey, we complain if its too dumb, if too intelligent , i think its normal they are smarter because it gives us more challenges and longer replayability. I really hated just getting to a 2nd floot, tearing down stairs and boom im safe forever. I like it this way and i think its a good path.
  2. In my experience so far (day 35 at 2 hour days) they come from different ways, they dont all follow the same path. As in everything, once you know the rules its easier to play the game, but i guess im happy i ignore the rules ao far, i hope it stays that way as long as possible lol
  3. I took a break from the game while backpacking for almost a year through south america. Now i settled and decided to play again. So i start a game, find a building where i stock my stuff underground and i close a room which becomes my way to the roof. I upgrade everything to concrete and add somenl traps around. I have about 300 ak47 bullets, 100 for my shotgun and my pistol. Throw in some cocktakl molotovs and im ready for the first horde (worth mentioning: warrior difficulty, my days last 2 hours, zonbies do x2 dmg to blocks and x4 zombies on horde night) 22hrs hit the clock, im already happy about hearing lightning and new immersion effects. So they start coming. At first its simple, shoot them when they are going through traps, but then there are no more traps.. so they start hitting the base, and there are too many to keep them away, so i focus on where they are most gathered when all of a sudden one starts hitting me from behind! He gets blasted away with the shotty, thats where i realize there is another gathering at the corner, and they jump on top of eachother.. these motherfxkers.. i molotiv that gathering, i shoot the first one but wait a second, there are more gatherings. The situation gets out of hand, zombies start slowly invading my roof, i run around and kill them but the gatherings grow bigger and more come up. There is no hope, fight until death. Soon ammo is depleted on the magazine and there is no time to reload, so i die. In previoua versions, all you had to do was stay on a floor above without stairs and you can survive easy. Now they find paths to you, different paths, and also different groups of them do different paths. I dont know how on earth people say the AI isnt better, its amazingly better. I enjoyed my death, im happy to see the game evolving so much. PS: Its probably fixed by now, but im never ever going to risk riding my bike through water!
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