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  1. I play on Pregen 2 Map and was wondering if its possible to get super corn or super corn seeds. I know that the POI Graces has it but I don't know if that's on Pregen 2. Is it possible to loot super corn seeds in pois or super corn? And does anyone know if there is a poi on Pregen 2 with super corn?
  2. You can play with me if youd like, I just started a fresh new game and looking for someone to play with. The map is PREGEN02 and i know some of the map already. My steam friend code is 1061666733
  3. No but I wiped the region files and kept my base one, zombies are spawning in pois now but not around my base, there are still no zombies around my base and my plants arent growing. Ill try to reset the day and see if that works
  4. My game recently corrupted when my computer got shut off and I had to restore the save file. I made a new game and put the main.bak files back into my corrupted save file folder and deleted the main.bakFAILED files. So my game worked and I was able to play again but now zombies aren't spawning in POI's and my crops arent growing, there might be various other problems to that I have yet to encounter but so far theres no zombies in POIs and it seems like my crops arent growing. If anyone can tell me how to fix this itd be much appreciated.
  5. I just recently started a new game. PREGEN02 Map. I'm just starting out and have big plans. My goals are to build a fortified compound base and an industrial farm. I have bigger plans that follow but that is only the beginning. If your a player that likes base building, having stock inventory and supplies, leveling past 150+, killing mad zombies and getting far then you came to the right place. Its all fresh and new and im looking for someone to play with. If your interested add me on steam or discord. Discord : MDCCLXXVII#6680 Steam Friend Code
  6. I'm looking for someone to play the game with. We can either continue on my server that I already have or we can make a new game and start from scratch. I play anywhere from 5 AM CDT - 11 PM CDT possibly longer. I use discord and ask that whoever you may be that you use discord with me so we can communicate and have good teamwork. My goals are to build a base, eventually later on build a fortified compound and then to continue from there. If your interested you can contact me through Steam, Discord or this site. My Steam = steamcommun
  7. I was wondering if grass regrows that you punch? I'm trying to clear land to make a farm and been punching tons of grass and flowers and wondered if they regrow? Thank you.
  8. That's because we live in Paradise. My choice is females. Fun to game with, chat to, and everything else.
  9. Hello! I'm going to be getting a new PC in a week and i'm going to be playing this game. I'm looking for a partner to play with that'll play with me and help progress and build a solid fortified base with. I'm specifically looking for a gamer girl to play with because I get along with females easier and communication is always easy. I'll be playing daily for hours on end and have studied many of the mechanics and things in this game, especially electricity. So I could definitely build a great base with good defensive measures and everything setup nicely and perfectly that we will need
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