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  1. Hello! First of all, I would like to say that I am a Huge Fan of 7 Days to Die, with already 700+ Hours in-game time. I have spent 90% of my playtime playing this game solo. However, I finally convinced a friend, and for the past month, we have been playing together... Playing this game with a friend whose "going to" game to play is not a "Horde Crafting Survival" game, opened up some things that I was a player, overlooked. Clarity in Numbers. Either the Number is an Entity Damage, or a Block Damage, or Modifiers from Books/Perks it is almost, impossible for a player to figure out, how much damage can he inflict on a zombie/block/player. You can get a "Rough Estimate" but nothing more. You can begin to solve this situation, by adding damage numbers pop up, every time "Entity Damage" occurs. How awesome will that be?! Sneaking. I Love, the idea of Sneaking. However, as it now, it simply much "easier" to go in guns blazing and clear the room, than try to be stealthy, and eventually wake up a zombie (while you are crouching, with your light armor and mods) on the upper floor, because you passed, directly beneath him and then he will wake up everything. I would love, if Sneaking, was more rewarding. In many games, when you sneak around, you lose time (mainly). In order to compensate and give you an incentive to do so, games reward you for completing Sneak tasks. I would suggest, Zombie Kills Award more XP if killed with a Sneak attack. Opening Containers without being Heard, should award more loot. etc etc. Also, on the topic of sneaking. How about a new, "Execute animation" while sneaking towards a zombie, and you hold E with a Knife Equipped (then we can add more weapons)!?!? I hope I made this thread on the right spot on the forum,since this is my first post! Love you FunPimps!
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