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  1. steam name: Bluecrayfish Hours played: 1309 Alpha start: Alpha 15 or so, maybe earlier Discord Name: BlueCray (BCK) Native Language: English
  2. Ok, I got it, thanks for the tip that led me to the right answer.
  3. OK, I did find that- Would I just "find and replace" every instance of "pistol" with my desired name? Thanks for helping me out!
  4. Hello All, I"m hgaving a really tough time doing somthing that seems like it should be simple. I just want to change the name of the pistol to .40 Caliber Pistol or something like that. I've tried editing the config .xml, that crashes the game. Web info indicates I have to change the English.txt file to make the name change. I've tried opening the resources.assets file with notepad++, but it displays as gibberish- can't read it. I tried UAE_0_2 and I've tried AssetBundleExtractor but I can't make these tools work or don't understand them. I can get as far as sseing a list of assets, but English.txt does not seem to be amnong them. Plus, most of what info I am finding is years old. Can anyone tell me in plain language how to simply change the name of an item to a different name? Or, a better way to achieve my goal? All I really want is to see ".40 Caliber Pistol" instead of "Pistol" when I touch the icon. Would it just be easier to make acustom item that is named ".40 Caliber Pistol" and uses the pistol icon? Thanks in advance if anyone can help a noob modder just change a dang name!
  5. Thank you, Gup- I will mention that to my guy and see if that makes sense to him. If not, I'll be back. . . I do have one other question: When I import the file into Blender, I don't get the "operator presets" window that allows me to activate the armature options. . . Does anyone know how to access that? Thanks again!
  6. This is very interesting and helpful, thank you! I found some stuff very similar to what you detail above, so that is great- I'm getting an idea of the workflow. The "solid" issue is that the model, as you say, must not have holes. In the 3d printing workd, we call a solid object with no holes "manifold". There are some automatic tools to help with that, and as mentioned, the model can be repaired in F360 or Blender if needed. This is very helpful, thanks for the lead. I've been pointed to Blender and F360, which I have used a little bit. Thank you, I'm fortunate to have an SLA printer at my disposal. LIke you, all I need is the .obj or .stl file. Thank all you guys for your assistance with this, I really appreciate it. I got very lucky, and it turns out that someone on the 7DTD group I hang out in is a modder, and has harvested the very models I was looking for! He gave me the fbx files for most of the zombies, so that's a great leap forward. The guy even made me quick tutorial on how to pose the figures in Blender- haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it seems doable. From there, I believe I can export .stl and at that point, I'm home free. There is one other thing I could use help with- When I asked if you could export a player-character model with certain equipment, he was less sure how to do that. Would any of you guys have advice about that? - - - Updated - - - And thanks again for the responses and the help, Fellas!
  7. Guppycur, 1st, thanks for your mods, I've used some and they are great! To 3d print, I need a .obj or .stl format file. See further responses below- And thanks!
  8. Hello, I'm new to modding, and I wonder if someone here could help me. I'm making a physical model of a 7DTD scene, like a diorama. I'm making it as a gift for a 7DTD YT content creator. While I found some generic zombies on Amazon, it would be very cool and really push my project to the next level if I could 3D print actual zombies from the game, along with a player model. From looking around on Thingiverse and reading here, I see that it is possible to extract a character/zomie model from the game in a format that can be 3D printed. For example, I found a number of Dark Souls characters on thingiverse. To be clear, this is for a hobby gift and I would never sell, distribute, or profit from this, it is merely a project for fun. I see a bunch of stuff about how to get models into the game, but I'm too unfamiliar with modding (as in, not at all) to determine how to get one out. Is there anyone here who would be willing to help me create 3D printable models of the zombies, or show me how to do it myself? I realize it's a big ask, but it would really make me and the recipient happy. I could perhaps "pay" for it by posting a build thread here so people can see that I made and enjoy it. If you can help, or can point me to somene who can, I would be eternally grateful! Thanks for reading this far, and thanks in advance if you can help me out. Sincerely, BlueCray
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