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  1. Honestly don't know, just what my friend told me. Whatever the case, steam was accessing the wrong files which caused settings from alpha 16 to be used in our alpha 18 game.
  2. To me it sounds entirely plausible that a file mix-up between two versions of the game could cause those issues. The problem with the drives was that they were both C drives, so my guess is that the problem is that addressing one file could potentially access either drive if the file path existed on both drives, which would happen because we had two versions of the game. We had even worse happen then 20-30 dog hoards; at one point we had successive waves of pure demo zombies appear during a single day and completely annihilate our base. To my knowledge demo zombies shouldn't even appear outside of horde nights.
  3. I think we figured it out. We had an alpha 16 version of the game on an hdd, but alpha 18 on an ssd. Turns out steam was using the files from the older one, but somehow still in alpha 18. Maybe just the settings were being used from the older one. We've done a fresh install and it seems alright now.
  4. Then I have no idea what's happening. Here's a screenshot of the player statuses on day 28: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1968486819 We're not playing with anyone else, the server is pass-worded, and the only settings we've changed are: 1. 40 min days 2. 6 hour nights 3. Delete items on death 4. Persistent profiles Exp gain is 100%. We used the Navezgane map. I don't see how any of those could make the gamestage increase so rapidly. Something else strange we noticed is that the players stats page on both our screens don't match up, on mine it shows about 10-20 higher gamestage.
  5. Just checked our gamestage; we're on about 250 gamestage on day 25, and this is after repeatedly dying on more than one occasion. Does anyone know if this is a reasonable number? We've got combined 450 + 350 = 800 kills; so maybe we're killing too many zombies?
  6. 1. That's what I used to think, but I swear during day 3 I was in a backyard, and as soon as I walked over a trash pile that made some noise at least 5 running soldier zombies spawn in each of my blind spots (like behind fences), within 10m. Unless they were just walking slowly towards me the whole time and just heard me then. But even then running soldier zombie hordes shouldn't be spawning so early. 2. I've got the screenshot to prove it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1967313249. I count 13 in the photo but there were a lot more out of view. The dogs started off as just one or two which we killed, but they kept spawning throughout the whole night and eventually built up into a solid horde. 3. Just remembered I think it was mountain lions and wolves not zombie bears. But the odd thing is as soon as we got spawned in they were literally standing 2m next to us. This just can't be right. I just don't understand how our gamestage increases so quickly. I'll take the other poster's advice and check the xp thing once I can, but the only setting we changed was to make your items disappear on death.
  7. So me and my friend have played this game quite extensively two years ago. Recently, we've been playing alpha 18 for a couple weeks on nomad, but the difficulty is like nothing we've ever experienced. At this point I'm wondering if this is some kind of bug because it doesn't even make sense anymore, can somebody tell me whether this is just normal or if it actually isn't supposed to happen. Here's a list of the insane things that have happened: 1. On day 3, running zombies spawn right behind us on multiple occasions, both as singles and hordes. 2. On night 3, approximately 20-30 zombie dogs pile into our base and kill us. 3. After we die on night 3, we both get instantly spawn-killed 2-3 times by zombie bears that we spawn standing next to. 4. On the first horde night, we already start seeing maybe 10-20% of zombies being irradiated. 5. On the second horde night, roughly 50% of zombies are irradiated. 6. On the third horde night, almost exclusively irradiated zombies are spawning. Our reinforced concrete walls get broken through by midnight. Zombies seem to need multiple pipe bombs to kill. 7. And not to mention on each horde night there are at least 20 zombies attacking at any given point in time. 8. During the day, we've had hordes of irradiated zombies attack our base throughout the half the day, preventing us from going outside and eventually killing us.
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