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  1. At the moment, it locates the game in the steam directory/game library. It would be easy enough to allow the user to manually specify the location of the game in the case of additional installations I guess, I will add an option for that.
  2. I am currently running a PvE Server based in the UK but with players from other parts of Europe. Loot and XP is set to 200%. The server is on a custom Nitro map and has a few mods, such as Human NPCs and new vehicles, as well as a few extra building blocks and decorations. There is a server launcher available on http://www.7daysapocalypsenow.co.uk that can automatically download, install all mods and launch the server (excuse the very temporary web page though.) Alternatively it can be connected to on
  3. I made a little launcher for my server, on first run it will detect the installation folder and will download and install all the mod files on the server. Subsequent lunches, it will check to see if there has been a new mod bundle installed, and if so, download it. Once the mods are synced, it launches the game and connects to the server. This is was made to basically streamline the installation process, players simply download the launcher and then just hit a button to automatically download/update/sync all mods and launch the game, no messing around with any config files etc. If anyone feels they would have any use for such a tool for their own servers, I am happy to open it up to other server owners to be able to configure it for their own servers and host it themselves.
  4. A few friends and I have been looking for a new server since our old one wiped, and eventually started looking into the possibility of starting our own as we couldnt find one to our liking. The other server we played on began to really struggle when 20+ players were connected, it was a hosted service with prioritised CPU usage, not too sure about CPU clock speed and RAM though, but the admins were insistant that it would not be possible to increase performance with that provider, so im assuming they maxed avaialble RAM and clock speed. My question is, if we were to start a server with say a 30-40 player cap, what would be the best approach to take in terms of hosting? I have a few machines lying about that I could potentially recommission as a decicated server at home with a few hardeare upgrades. If so, what kind of specifications would I need to meet? The only information I can find so far seems to be for smaller player counts. If this isnt feasible or affordable, are there any game server hosting services I can use? Or would I need to rent a decicated server? I have looked into some, the max memory/CPU available on a VM seems to be around 16GB with 4.2GHz clock speed on NVme, would this be sufficient for a larger player count? Thanks in advance x
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