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  1. I think it's important to keep the RG updated with new POIs, I love Navezgane, but it'd be a bit much if they crammed all the things into one map. I'd really like to see a 2nd handmade map, with the biomes I stated and whatever else. New biomes would add a lot to the exploration. Also I thought of a radioactive biome too, that would be cool! I just wonder what the border would be then. But the Fun Pimps are working really hard on everything else, and doing a great job. I just haven't seen much talk on the subject and was curious.
  2. I feel like the game could benefit from a couple new Biomes. While not all would fit in Navezgane, I feel they would be good for random gen. Some ideas: Beach biome, Swamp Biome and Volcanic Biome, and Frozen Biome. I could go on, but I have ideas with these biomes. The Beach biome would have cheap/luxury hotels, aquariums, waterparks, restaurants and harbors. The stuff you'd expect at a beach. As well as palm trees and sand. This biome could introduce boats. And maybe a water threat, such as sharks/zombie sharks/piranhas, or a special swimming zombie. This could also introduce a fishing mecha
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