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  1. So as much as Ive been playing this game only today did I sit down and notice that... some one cant seem to do math at the fun pimps Im amusing.. cause the stamina penalty for armor doesnt seem to add up. Heres what I mean. I have a stamina regen of 10.3 stamina per second. A leather hood takes away .57/s meaning I should have a stamina regen of 9.73 however when I put on the armor without any mods or skills my stamina regen drops to 9.46... thats .84 nearly an entire stamina point... Am I the only one that caught this? Or is my game just not working properly?
  2. Atleast in morrowind, you had actual gear to fight back if you dared instead of stone tools.. The fact that the vultures are like they are now takes the fight or flight option away and makes it a fight or die option. Enemies are already annoying as hell on a blood moon, now they have heat seeking vultures just to make sure if your defenses fall you might as well log out of the game on a server or just stay dead till morning. Though Im sure TFP will find some way to break that too, like make it to where if you log out on a 7th day you explode the next time you log in or when you die even if you stay dead till morning the zombies just destroy all your @%$*#! and the world around you cause they cant find anyone to murder.
  3. In all honesty, I think they just focused more on making zombies Grief players buildings than finding players. Ive literally stood next to an open door and the zombie stood there attacking the wall instead of just walking to me, and I KNOW its because by them attacking the wall, its going to cost me supplies to repair it. Then again, I also have to ask.. why do zombies know to avoid my traps and go to doors and what part of my wall is the weakest in the first place? Did every zombie graduate from engineering school? is that why demo zombies are a thing now?
  4. I actually do still miss A16, There were so many things about it that made the game more fun, Back then I could kill a thousand zombies with a knife and my ability to use a knife was more effective just from use rather than having to wait for a level every time I wanted my knifing to get better. Cutting down trees and mining meant just practicing them rather than Her der I killed a zombie, now I swing my pick axe at rocks better. I will say though, sitting down and making a thousand bows to learn how to make a bow better was annoying as well as finding weapon "parts" to build a weapon then having to learn how to make the weapon via a rare book to be annoying, though compared to now where all you find is a blunderbuss and stone tools.. I'd take it.. This A19 update actually makes no sense to me either because how slow the "gamestage" is vs leveling, Ive found myself crafting lv5 tools before finding anything in the world. Whats the point in looting again? IF they are worried about me getting bored with the game cause by day 20 I got every skill to 300 and made the game a joke, what the hell do they think is gonna do if by day 7 Im bored of finding stone tools even at game stage 50? WOO a lv6 Stone Axe!
  5. Honestly its just like in earlier builds where EVERY SINGLE DOOR IN THE GAME was barricaded including bathroom and bed room doors in a house that already had barricaded windows and a front and back door. There is NO SENSE in half the things they have done at this point other than artificial difficulty. NO there is NO REASON there are trash piles in every single door way. ITs only meant to make it so that any players actually trying to play the game properly and stealth have to stop literally every 4 steps in some buildings and beat a trash pile. The fact that they did so also makes no sense in alot of cases because the buildings youre going through will be 100% intact, but for some odd reason have trash everywhere just to make a noise. Meanwhile IVE found this funny "glitch" that if your stealth is High enough and youre down to 2% or lower, every 3-4th step, your noise will kick up to near 10% for NO REASON. Meanwhile If youre stealth is high enough, you can fire a Magnum and some how not wake a zombie, yet the glass pile on the floor will..
  6. I think this kinda goes hand in hand with my original post a couple weeks back. Finding Stone tools in EVERYTHING you loot is rather dumb. Worst part is on a server I rarely play Im already game stage 50 at lv40something but still finding stone tools. I can MAKE IRON TOOLS at Lv5. This Looting system does NOTHING to make me want to play the game and instead just pushes me to kill more zombies. Why Loot in a game where 90% of the loot is now stone tools? Sure a Lv6 Stone axe is nice, but Id still prefer atleast a lv3 Actual Iron Axe you know? Lucky Looter is still worthless outside of opening loot faster.
  7. So its now been 14 days and out of 132 votes, it appears that A MAJORITY of people do agree with my original comment that Primitive Stone tools should not be in the loot pool. But now the question is, how should the Fun Pimps Deal with that?
  8. The question wasnt about the LOOT system in particular, it was Should Primitive Tools Exist in the Loot Pool. The loot table already makes it to where when youre higher level you dont have to deal with finding lv1 garbage, Im asking SPECIFICALLY, about Primitive tools. Also thank you for not reading the question or information proving yourself to be completely useless to this conversation. AS stated in my response to the first poster, IVe already looked at the XML for loot and its a mess, its hard to really understand what parts are connected and the full probability tables with their values. Its FAR more organized than alpha 18, but its still a hell of a mess
  9. I agree that the beginning game shouldnt be a cake walk, but by removing the entire point of looting from the game seems to be the WORST way of doing things.. Outside of A crackabook... NO poi is worth it anymore.. Which means in a game about crafting, looting and building, theyve effectively removed one of the major elements of their game atleast early game. I even looked into the XML files just to try getting a better idea of what was going on and its a absolute mess.
  10. TL-DR: I already expect over half you people to go "Get Gud Scrub" But seeing as Ive been playing this game for THOUSANDS of Hours, you can go F$%k Right off. Ive enjoyed this game since EARLY Alphas and Ive never honestly felt this terrible about the game. Even the alpha 17 update didnt make me feel this terrible about playing a game Ive LOVED. Early Game Play of Alpha 19: Spawns in, does the usual opening missions, scavenges for 20 minutes finding now rare birds feathers to make a buncha arrows. Preps self up to go to war with early zombies with a bow and arrows. Heads out to a near by town. Fights off a few dogs, a couple FERALS on day 1 and even a Cop zombie. Finds a Shot gun Messiah. Breaks in quietly and proceeds to attempt to snipe sleeping zombies with a bow. After the first one took 3 arrows to the head before dying, stops and puts a point into stealth damage. Kills the last few zombies with 2 arrows each to the skull totaling in about 7 zombies, 2 of which were ferals. Now that the building is cleared out.. Starts to hack into the couple pre-Apocalypse crates that are there... only to find a primitive bow.. stone spear.. and blunderbuss.. in.. Both.. uhm.. what? This game takes place in America, land of guns in a cereal box.. why are these pre-apocalypse still sealed boxes containing... Post apocalypse beginner weaponry? Ok so then... looting the gun store is worthless.. Lets go get us some tools.. After a bit of searching, killing a couple hordes and patching myself up, I find a working stiffs. Same thing as the first store. Go in quietly, stealth all 12 zombies in this place, have one or two wake up since they are ferals that can smell the fart I let out when I saw glowing eyes. Heads over to the crates Pre-Apocalypse still sealed crates and cracks them open... only to find 3 stone-axes and two stone-shovels in every single box... So... before the apocalypse happened.. this store ordered tools cheaper than you get made in china? Was Carl in the back of the store just making these by hand cause if he was, these things suck as they are all level 2... Damn Carl youve worked at this store long enough, havnt you figured out how to make a god damned stone tool? Ok so.. Looks like looting is out the window for tools and weaponry.. but I just noticed.. its been maybe 5-7 hours in game and.. well Im STARVING apparently.. at like 70 hunger and thirst.. @%$*#! guess I need to find me a food source. 2 small wandering hordes and a dog bite later.. Finds Shamway, repeats process from other two stores, opens crates.... Well I mean Shamway has always sucked.. No one cares. Ok, so looting ANYTHING in early game sucks now.. Meaning that theres no point in doing ANY Pois, no point in going into cities, no point in going into factories, the early in game seems to now be locked to.. kill zombies or do trader missions... what happen to the go anywhere, build kill and loot anything to survive? What happen to that joy you felt when you got lucky and cracked open that one crate in 20 that had your lv1 steel pickaxe on day 3~4 where you knew you couldnt do anything to make it better, but you no longer had to suffer breaking rocks with a stone tool? I'd rather have low level garbage loot than this primitive tool set. Why are primitive tools even a lootable object? Especially from before everything went to @%$*#!?
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