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  1. I never said make him a roaming zombie. Having his spawn restricted to POI's lets players see him more often but does not risk him wondering onto your base during the day. So essentially imagine you stumble across the one military POI with the missile silos in it. Amongst the final pack of zombies is one demolisher. You just kill the other zombies, lead the demolisher to a nice spot and shoot him in the head/legs til he is dead.
  2. So im not sure why but all my reflections in my game seem to be just black. I can still see they are shiny but they dont seem to be reflecting anything. Is this a known issue and is there a fix? https://imgur.com/JkgIx5f https://imgur.com/Hvp40CW https://imgur.com/VIjwDca
  3. Basically what the title says. I think the demolisher should still spawn in late game blood moons (I think day 147 blood moon) but I would like him to spawn in POI's a bit earlier (Day 75-100). Mainly just military POI's and ones that have a military crates at the end of them like the factories, hospital, tower, etc. Having him strictly in blood moon does not due him justice for the devs who made him. They put a lot of work into him and you barely get to see him. He is not an OP zombie and should be in all aspects of the game.
  4. Yeah, whatever they did with the recent update is causing worlds to load in too quickly so whenever you approach new areas it gets choppy trying to load in the new blocks.
  5. Had this happen to me a couple hours ago. Luckily I play SP but it still screwed me over. I was not able to retrieve my backup player file before it got overwritten. The best I could do was add xp to myself using cheats and unlock what I vaguely remember I had. Did not know what books I had so unfortunetly ive decided just to unlock all perk books for my character. My game feels cheesy now and im thinking about scraping my world and starting a new one even though Im on day 84 with almost 100 hrs into the world.
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