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  1. Well, if that's the case, it would have been nice of TFP to confirm this. I mean, okay, you lower the spawn rates when the game is running even smoother, but where's the logic in that? At least tell us how we can get more zombies, confirm that the gamestage influences this. I'm not bashing TFP about this, but the thing is, with lower leveling speed and less spawning in the beginning, it's a bit more difficult to get a high gamestage. Also, all we can do now is make assumptions of why they made this choice. Hope they can make things clear about this, or hope we hear about their new encountering system, or at least make cities full of zombies like in old alphas.
  2. The game is too empty and boring. Up the spawn rates. I get you want "performance", but it's boring to get zombies only in horde nights, you focus too much on horde nights, no one asked for this "We also lowered biome spawning some so players could have a little more breathing room when just exploring the world.". With all of this new "performance" improvements, why don't you try focusing on allowing a bigger number of zombies instead of making combat more difficult? What's the point of performance if you can't even get more zombies on screen? And what's the point of lowering zombie spawn even MORE if you made the game run smoother? Where are the 20+ zombie hordes? Where are the streets filled with zombies? Where is the danger of going into a hub city and shooting your weapon like crazy in the hopes that there will come some zombies to attack you? What's the point of sneaking when you got so few zombies in the world?
  3. You can try doing grease the groove by Pavel Tsatsouline, if you try to aim for maximum strength + endurance (because strength helps endurance a lot). You're working out as much as possible, as heavy as possible being as fresh as possible, it's pretty joint friendly.
  4. I love A14 simply because I can get around 50 zombies coming for me at the same time, I modified it to make it a real challenge. 70% chance of being stunned, increased zombie damage so I get killed in 2 hits. I can easily make any Alpha challenging because I don't play it "vanilla" style, I always mod the xml files to my taste. So you think I can't get a challenge in A14? Think again. I don't need ferals or whatever to come for me, I can easily get 50 zombies coming for me and one hit is almost a death sentence since they are swarming me. In A17 there are not enough zombies outside buildings. Yeah yeah, you got enough sleepers, but the game feels empty even with the modified spawning.xml. Hell, I can go around with a rocket launcher and destroy the house from outside and bait all the zombies somehow without risking my life. I miss the old days when you went to the city and the streets were filled with zombies. Now I can go in any city, including the small town Diersville and unload my pistol into any house and not get any zombies coming for me. I think you discussed about that and you said it was...delayed? And why you call me nuts because my taste is different than yours? Isn't that a bit unfair? I mean, I can call you nuts for doing a keto-like diet, but if you like it and it works, go for it, I got no right to call you nuts because I prefer other things. Now this reply is not related to the zombies and traps comments in the past days, I just told you why I love A14 more than A17.
  5. No hard feelings, I completely forgave you. I don't remember anything.
  6. Sorry too man. I can't continue to be upset on you, not my way of being. I completely forgive you.
  7. Thank you for the civilized comment Roland, I appreciate it so much. I'm sorry if I did upset you and the guys that are civilized. You know, I do get a feeling that the community gets a bit toxic when someone doesn't agree with a feature, like calling someone a kid because they don't agree with a feature and turning it into a personal attack. It happened every time when a new feature was announced and I got totally disgusted about it. The list for complaints about A18 is quite big and I watched every reaction, didn't like it. The game is cool, but the community, nah.
  8. You may be okay with that, fine, I'm not and others like me or not. They aren't that dumb. How in the world do zombies know that my door is the weakest link? How? Are they able to make complicated calculations and make a plan to attack my base? Do they have a strategist that I haven't heard of? Are they controlled by a super intelligent hive mind like the tyranids from the Warhammer 40k? No. Even when I go on a multiplayer server and want to destroy a guy's base, I have to go around and look for weak spots and figure where to attack and it takes a while. Zombies do that waaaaay to easily. This isn't a chess game, like "OH, zombies know the weakest link in my base is the door, so let's place a blade trap there". How about leading the normal dumb walkers to a place where I got my blade traps so they can be slaughtered while I make a plan to deal with the unique zeds like the cops? What's next, TFP making zombies dig under your base when you surround your base 360 degrees with spikes and traps? Madmole said that we may see a difference in A18, so I'll wait and see..and if I still don't like it, then zombie intelligence options FTW. Actually, I do want those zombie intelligence options that Madmole mentioned. The greatest thing about this game is that I can customize my own apocalypse, like in Project Zomboid.
  9. Yeah, if I and others could see the problem, I don't understand how Madmole couldn't see it, or he didn't want to see it because he likes the way this game is going. Okay, you call your game a tower defense game, then please, make traps actually be useful and not to be avoided! With traps that can be avoided, they are worthless so no horde nights until TFP add zombie intelligence options for zombies...I guess this is it for vanilla 7dtd until then...or at the very least no horde nights.
  10. Since when zombies are able to avoid traps? Instead of my getting my traps to be useful, zombies are attacking the weakest link in the base, which may be the door for example. So I got zombies coming from north, south, east and west, and instead of them hammering the walls down, they are ALL just running to destroy the door, then move to the next weakest link of the base and avoid the traps altogether. That's what I mean by smart. Traps are worthless and a piece of garbage. Not even worth the time and effort if you got good armor, weapons and solid walls. What's the point in making traps that can be avoided? Look at the Walking Dead, they go into spikes without even trying to avoid them or know that those spikes are a danger. And since when a random zombie can come from distance and determine where's the weakest link of the base, did they make a plan before attacking? No. That's my problem with your zombies. I said that I still enjoy the game, but normal zombies are too smart for a "zombie", so no fun horde nights for a while, at least until you add some options to make regular or all zombies dumb. The reason I write so much is because people read just half of everything I said, take a small phrase out of context and hammer me down with it, so yeah, I need to explain things like I explain something to a child. In short, if I want a challenge, then make a unique zombie like the cop or behemoth or whatever, but leave normal walkers like the nurse dumb. Hope I made myself clear. I already admitted I was wrong when it came to zombie lore, but I still want an option to make zombies dumb.
  11. I already changed my opinion about zombies. It's the way I grew up with them...so I guess I have to retract my words about them not being lore friendly. Now it's only a preference, a personal taste since I got used with them in a way.
  12. Well, I thought all zombies should be slow stupid shamblers and it was my fault in assuming so. The fact that it is alpha has nothing to do with zombies being smart or not, since TFP are trying for a long time and most likely will make the zombies even smarter, not stupid. It was just me thinking that zombies should not be smart.
  13. You're right man. I don't hate anyone for not agreeing with me, don't take me wrong, but good arguments were needed. I hope this discussion is ended...because there is no point to continue.
  14. I think you got enough proofs that zombies are depicted in many movies and games as slow stupid shamblers. Do your research bro like meganoth did. I got the answer that I needed regarding zombies, what they are or what they can be. There is no need to continue this.
  15. For people like me that grew up with zombies that are stupid, living dead, slow and they overwhelm you with extremely big numbers, then yes, you can have an argument about what zombies are when you see a movie that depicts zombies as living infected people that are sprinting and are smart. My first zombie "movie" was the Walking Dead which you know how it depicts zombies...and I also remember playing zombie games where zombies were slow, stupid, undead and came in big numbers, so yes, for me the need for a proof and a good argument was real.
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