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  1. As FranticDan points it out in the post, my mistake was thinking that the game uses the level 6 steel pickaxes block damage (95) as it is displayed in game. Instead the game uses the items base block damage (63), as stated on the wiki, to apply the % modifiers. I wanted to be able to 2 shot stone blocks with my steel pickaxe, instead of my current situation that after two hits it still has 10 hp. Thinking right now I should have discovered this back in A18. Instead, after hearing that level 6 items are no longer craftable I changed the perks so that you can craft l
  2. Went back to try and figure out what's going on. Saw the mods effect, so I had to look for something else that's throwing off my math. Ended up testing the miner 69'er skill progression, where I came across the real issue. Miner 69'er says 30% extra block damage every level, with 150% at level 5, starting with a 95 block damage pick with no mods I got: 95 level 0 Miner 69'er 114 level 1 Miner 69'er -> an increase of 20% -> should be 123 133 level 2 Miner 69'er -> an increase of 40% -> should be 152 151 level 3 Miner 69'er -> an incr
  3. I noticed the issue playing with some friends, not me hosting, and later tried in my test world with both the server and me running the same map (not same save) generated with Nitro. The server host is running no mods, and as far as I know my mods don't count, granted I have Adredens_Ore_Sight currently every line commented out, not changing any of the ores. JRB_TZ_NoFerals, we're getting Ferals on the server JRB_TZ_NoRadiated, we're getting Radiated on the server The issue. Got my hands on a level 5 steel pickaxe with base 96 block damage. With my mi
  4. Hey MadMole. On the topic of glue, I have found it quite beneficial in adding starch based glue recipes to the camp fire and chemistry station in my game, basically turning corn and potatoes into glue. Other forms that I found were resin based, which could be added to trees. With making fuel from supper corn sound like a sweet combo with the flame thrower trap that could come in A19.
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