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  1. I can get in but not my sons. His malwarebytes is free version so no shields. His player file doesnt get created on the remote server save folder at all. Initializing the world is the part where it just loads until crashing. The same logs as above.
  2. Oh you said that error was a warning hmm I'm not sure where the error is then... I did get into the game a couple times before and now. The error still happens, when it disconnects me, it just sits either on the receiving and loading configs screen or its the initializing world screen... most recently its the configs screen though from when I couldn't get on my friends today.
  3. Yeah maybe a combo? I did add the clients folder and save folder to my sons malwarebytes and I disabled the shields. But now I got the same error from my computer trying to join the server (hosted now at my friends) bloodmoon state cache disconnect crap... My client joined the server yesterday fine. I will post a new client log and server log. Thanks for your continued support! I would like to suggest better bug reporting in the server so this doesn't happen. Ive had this problem about a year ago too as soon as 20.6 came out with EOS cross platform stuff.. my client log: https://pastebin.com/r6pPgr1A my server log https://pastebin.com/K9D2ydGT
  4. Well guys I hosted it on my friends computer different house and now it works on all computers. Same clients too so it had to be the router on my side. I did forward the port. Not using the dmz.
  5. This I can agree with but I did a fresh install now and also I copied the entire folder from my computer to theirs and it goes into the game shows age of oblivion screen but yes it crashes during initializing the world.
  6. Have you guys ever seen that dynamic music error? I've seen it before in previous 20.6 servers I hosted but I always fixed it with disabling EOS in the platform file.... not this time.
  7. Welp im at a loss. Do you guys know of modems having firewalls? I know we bought a fancy modem a long time ago...
  8. so it has a timeout initializing the world with litenetlib .... see this look at the blue: ( is my router) I will try disabling eos once again due to the dynamic music error then ill try disabling litenetlib with using hamachi instead... omg this is crazy but its my last try... then ill have to have my friends host this..
  9. So it doesnt say downloading the world ever I wonder if I have to put it into the client... maybe that part is messed up
  10. no success yet, im trying fresh installs. @meganoth What happened to your face man? lol
  11. So I checked the server window when the clients attempt to join and I found the eos player id but when I look in the player folder from the saved world its not there. The server didnt accept the player in so so it did not make a player file at all... therefore its not the player files... Instead its the network or firewall issue. Ill check to see if there IPs are conflicting or if Hamachi can fix it today.
  12. Thanks a bunch guys for your input. This errors out when trying to initialize the world it just crashes. Now this is on both computers. I will try removing the player files and let you know if that was why. Now as far as hamachi it still forces the network to be in a different protocol so it bypasses steamnetworking and litenetlib protocols. Even though its on the lan it would be a seperate vpn. I have my wife and my son and both computers had the same problem. Here is the server config for how I set it up.
  13. I tried the local ip too, im thinking it could be the player files in the saves even though the world was new? I might also try hamachi. I disabled malwarebytes shields so its not that. The server has age of oblivion. Ill upload the dedicated log file thanks for letting me know where. I forwarded 26902 and 03 and I disabled litenetlib but renabled all network protocols since that didnt help. My 3 friends externally can join but not internally. Heres the pastebin for the server log ... https://pastebin.com/JKPYP7ht Thanks guys.
  14. Here is the log file from the failing client https://pastebin.com/tUbeN2BC
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