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  1. Are there any "gotchas" to running the Dedi server in A19?  Mine doesn't seem to pop up even the console like it used to, and as far as I can tell isn't running.   It does the initial command box, then once you hit space and it closes... nothing.

  2. For the life of me, I can't seem to get a Tier 6 Steel Pickaxe. I'm level 168 and have most of the Str tree maxxed. I've looted more than 120 reinforced chests at the end of the Tier 5 zones, but they seem to have the same junk over and over. I've never seen them on the trader, either.... I also have max bonus to loot and the max rewards from quests skill, also.


    Any suggestions? O.o

  3. Where the soil dips at the edge when next to a normal block and creates a motorcycle trap.


    You don't remember the conversation? Guppy posted pictures showing the hack to fix it, a hack which your prefab makers have apparently been using as a feature in some places. :-)


    "At first it's a hack, then it becomes an accepted workaround, eventually it becomes standard practice."

    - Unknown programmer


    That divot has been around since hills stopped being blocky messes. You might be able to introduce something into the RWG algorithm, but it would still be there in anything player made, and I doubt it was a priority for A18.

  4. No because most AAA games are not risk taking, they just polish the lug nuts and do new locations and call it a new version. Same core game with very little change between versions.


    If you ever get to the point where you want to just do new locations and polish a lug nut with the same core game, I would absolutely love to see a 7 Days to Die sequel set on a failed Mars colony with a zombie outbreak and Oxygen issues, etc. I'd contribute to that Kickstarter... O.o


    7 Days to Die: Dread Planet?

  5. The forums will expect to crawl on the floor for VR to get through a 1 block gap...


    Lol. Well, I can tell you from having an Oculus (and even one of the VR Development Kits) that 7 Days will need a massive UI overhaul to work with the Rift unless you're super good at looking at things with your peripheral vision. I never could see the dang toolbar properly...

  6. The shovel is a bit of wierd to me more. I mean everyone know how to hit with a shovel ( if not give your girl a frying pan and make her angry(pan is for minimal damage, but same movement) ) and its not like we dig into someone`s face. I don`t mind them so much, it is charming the game.


    I seem to recall reading that a shovel was a widely used melee weapon in World War I, but maybe I saw that in a movie.

  7. My favorite survival story happened during testing right after we switched over to the new Unity system. One team member (The British Guy) built this really elaborate two story base out of redwood planks, with spikes around the outside.


    Many of us, being too lazy to build bases every day, would mooch at the British Guy's place.


    One of those moochers was The Other British Guy. I don't remember exactly what he did, but as I recall, it involved augering out a whole ton of rock nearby, eating a Venison Stew (and then leaving the rest of the stack on his belt), and then going AFK for 30 minutes.


    Back in those days between the Unity update and the addition of speed trees, you could have a LOT of Zombies. Did I mention that it was time for the Feral Horde to spawn?


    About 400 came, and they made a beeline for The Other British Guy. I was underground in the huge new caves, mining for my new stilt design I was playing around with. Florida Guy had his own base, and Islander Guy and German guy weren't on, so we didn't find out about it until Other British Guy came back from AFK.


    The rest of us tried to help stop the carnage at Poor British guy's house once morning came, but literally-- at the end of the fight -- there was only a tiny sliver of the base left. Other British Guy died like 5 times until they killed his sleeping bag and he spawned far away. As soon as I heard what was going on I dropped one in the cave I was in.


    The fight was fun, it was like murdering the entire crowd of a Lollapalooza, I had never laughed so hard in game in my life. There were so, so many dogs, though-- But I managed not to die. Other British Guy was still trying to rebuild British Guy's house when he logged in, and we laughed for a long time all over again while he tried to explain what happened.



    Fake Signature Line that's really just a cheap plug for my YouTube Channel

  8. That CDC research center (the one based on the Cobb Performing Arts Center) would be a pretty daunting task. Post Modernism is not exactly Voxel-friendly.


    But if you are crazy enough to tackle it, let me know, Laz, and I'd be happy to offer some advice. One advantage of that building is you can actually wander around in the lobby and around the building on Google Streetview.



    Fake Signature Line that's really just a cheap plug for my YouTube Channel

  9. @LowfDog: yo - hey - OFC I always search for new Prefabs to add them to the COMPOPACK.

    Would be awesome if u would spend it to us. No matter which size - we will get it in :)

    And we are happy of every new Prefab we can get.


    @thomtree: yo - i have talked to Hal9000 because of this problem. IMO it belongs to some ghost-entities that are still in some Prefabs.

    This happens when layers are deleted and entities were in it !!! Hal has made a fix-function for this. Will be released after a13 i guess.

    It could be also another problem that belongs to the switch from a11 to a12 with the entities.

    Hal talked about a conflict with entityversions !!! (Dont know what this means - lol) But we(he) work on that.

    Like always: its difficult when we dont get detailed informations. But we know our devs already.



    Yes the hospital-lights are buggy. Thx for the Info ! Will fix it - when a13 doesnt do it !!!

    Yes the rotation-problem still exists !!! I hope with the big rotation-revelation in a13 this problem is also gone then !!!



    Common Information:

    Sry guys - but I can't give guarantee or useful support when:

    - the mixer is modified

    - the Prefabs are modified (no matter .tts or .xml)

    - u run other mods too (this is the most case - y the game dont work fine after mod-install)

    - u dont followed the install-instructions (and recomments) in detail

    - u run the game on outdated/exotic machines (PC and Server)



    If u followed this points - but still have Issues with the pack - then pls report them here in detail. And I will take care of !!!





    Getting really close on finishing the Arena. I'm hoping to convert it this weekend. If there's time, I might upgrade it and 1.5 would have a huge parking lot, but it takes time to do a mass clear.


    I put this building together as a pristine / not destroyed world, so you won't find things like piles of trash, dead bodies, etc. But if there's an interest, I could make a version where the building served as a field hospital and was partially boarded up before being abandoned.



    Shoot me a private message if there's some specific place to send the file when It's ready, though, Mag.

  10. yes its like Laz said - costum-hub is the future !!! :)

    ...and the only way to spawn big POI's directly on a wished place.

    U can also set the streets how u like them to be :)



    thx Laz :)



    Yeah, what I mean is... would you guys potentially be interested in my stadium for your Combo Pack? Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on it, depending on how much time I get this weekend, it could be ready for prime time shortly. It is a monster of a POI, though. It has everything from a warehouse to a security office, around a dozen bathrooms, a locker room, snack bars, radio booths, a television studio, sky boxes, a restaurant, a sports bar... (it's kind of big)

  11. I know you've mentioned this before, Mag, but what's the largest non-specialty hub POI size?


    I have several large skyscrapers, one is somewhere in the 50x70 range, and the other is 55 x 55, but I have maybe a dozen skyscrapers and, of course, the stadium in various levels of production.

  12. You can port in huge prefabs into an existing game with Hal's editor, and it will literally overwrite the area. It takes some practice, but one of my larger skyscrapers in Dogtown I started building in A10, ported into A11 as a prefab, and then again in A12. :D

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