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  1. I must have just looked over it. I am new to forums. Thanks for the Welcome... Sounded sarcastic tho lul
  2. I had no idea that crops now worked like this! This is game changing info for me.
  3. Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but something I just noted was that seeds take 4 of their crop.... so to have a positive yield of crops by only +1 I have to max out Fortitude? That seems a bit out of reach. Especially for all other things considered. I think it would all be fair if maybe only it didn't take 4 crops for one seed. Make it back to 1 or 2. At least then anything more positive out of a yield is like "planting less crops for same food" reward. Make it a bit of an extra perk. The leveling and how you guys are trying to limit what players can do really needs to be re-evaluated. Because you need to consider how LONG it takes to level. I've been playing this new save for 3 hours and I'm only level 4. I'm not someone who enjoys rushing a game, grinding. I like to take my time. For me having to sit and grind xp would not be fun so I enjoy a slower pace. Still, considering all things, I wouldn't be able to farm anything and get a reward of farming after how many hours of game play? 10,20? Considering all other things that also need to be leveled to even progress in other aspects of the game, how many more hours until I'm able to do basic things of a survival/crafting game. Thank you for the read. Edit Note: Its not like I avoid Fighting Zombies either. I clear houses and fight zombies in the streets because I know that's the best XP.
  4. I'm not sure if this will be received, but I hope so. The new leveling and encumbered system is not that fun to deal with. I'll talk about leveling first. I like how much simpler it became, but I really don't like how limited you are. And if it could be considered to change/fix leveling, then it would fix my backpack issue too. I would like if the perks were not limited by your level. It would be nice to bum rush the strength/ pack mule if that's something I decided to do. Level 100 is a bit crazy for just having my entire backpack available. I also was wanting to rush into intellect by 4 or 5 so that I can go ahead and get the workbench and forge... but again I'm limited by my level. If I want to sacrefice being weaker in other aspects so I can get something else, that would be really nice! A bit more on the encumbered system. I know its a personal hang up I have, but I really don't like being slower than I already am. The armor weighing down is so frusterating, I dont wear it at all. Its not even much, but honestly, these problems are just a huge pet peeve for me. So much so I'm going to have to continue to play in 16. I'm really just not having fun constatntly being reminded im over encombered or that I cant get perks the way I would like. I was obsessed with this game, but now I find it hard to even play. I really hope this is considered. I understand if not. I'll keep playing 16 if it comes down to it. Thank you for all the work thus far!
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