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  1. well i downloaded the latest and I still get that error
  2. the game runs and dedicated server seems OK to play on but I am getting this same thing on (19.3 b3) Looks like they made a change to the unity engine, well I heard alpha 20 is supposed to run on the new engine 2020-11-19 16:22:51 149375.045 Error [MODS] Error while executing GameUpdate on mod "Bad Company Manager" 2020-11-19 16:22:51 Exception MissingMethodException: void EntityAlive.SetInvestigatePosition(UnityEngine.Vector3,int) BCM.API.GameUpdate () (at <4856a2a5059a41fd891297369df42514>:0) ModEvent.Invoke () (at :0) UnityEngine.Debug:LogE
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