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  1. having an AR and sniper rifle using the same caliber, it could be possible but if they made it so there was a different caliber that would add some more decision making and coordinating before you go out on your next loot run. now if they wanted to stick to real life they should maybe keep the 7.62 for sniper rifles as for the new sniper rifle looks like a Dragonov the assault rifles how ever are confusing the m4 uses a 5.56 caliber while the AK uses 7.62 while the m60 uses 7.62. and the sniper rifles in the games look like they would also hold 7.62 ammunition, or you could use game logic and just give the snipers a bigger cartridge or make all the assault rifles chambered in 5.56 so its possible to be able to put in another caliber maybe.
  2. I think the chances of them adding another round caliber is not high, an example is when they removed the 10mm that was originally used for the smg they probably don't want to complicate the ammo too much with different variants and such. and the smg should get a new model in my opinion its just not right, the mp5 SD3 without a silencer is weird to me, the Uzi and mac-10 is a good idea I think the Uzi should replace the old SMG and the mac-10 should be a low tier gun maybe.
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    Gun ideas.

    All the gun have 3 levels to them ex. pistol, magnum, desert vulture. the only Gun that not have this is the smg maybe the low tier smg can be a Tec 9. then the original smg can be a mid tier smg and the top tier could be some kind of rifle like an m4 converted into an smg. On top of this, the smg ,and marksman's rifle has to be redone at some point they most likely already have that on a notepad somewhere. and an idea for the shotgun is to maybe make the character have to reload 8 shells instead of what looks like 2, maybe there can be a special shotgun magazine or skill where instead of individually reloading 1 shell at a time you would do 2 speeding the reload up, and of course to be able to stop the reload animation if there is a zombie in front of you, the pimps most likely already have there own ideas on this topic that are better than mine that there waiting to implement but at the moment I'm sure they have bigger priorities.
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