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  1. God this game eats away at my life. It's so addictive. I've recently played Red Dead Redemption and God of War, both AAA games and of high quality but nothing comes close to 7DTD which I have hundreds of hours in, and keep coming back. I have so much respect for the Devs to persist for so long and keep improving. Will this game ever come out of Alpha? Lol. It just seems so hard to fathom. It's the building, just digging and hiding away and planning the next venture. What game offers this level of freedom??
  2. Had a great weekend playing!! There is no game like it despite the odd issues here and there. Anyway, I found that after playing around for ages to get the best FPS possible i7 gaming processer, GTX 1070, plenty of RAM, the resolution didn't do anything for me. Nor did reflections and reflection quality. The two biggest factors that massively boosted FPS were draw distance and... Tree quality. The latter in particular hits performance hard if on ultra quality. On high I get 10 FPS more, and if tree quality is medium I get 15 FPS more. I try to keep the world/surface/terrain quality all on the highest, effectively meaning that everything looks amazing around the player, but drops off quickly the further one looks ahead. I'm one of those people who obsesses over getting the smoothest experience! It's so good now. Again, resolution didn't do anything, but draw distance and tree quality did. Shadows off/on also helped a lot, but I really do not want to play with no shadows. I get around 50-75 FPS. Interestingly, even if I switch everything to low, and I men everything, I get 75 max FPS. The same as if I was playing high with tree quality medium!
  3. No dying light is a zombie killing game. Call of duty Zombies is a zombie killing game. Dead island is a zombie killing game. Left 4 dead is a zombie killing game. Dead rising is a zombie killing game. OP was pointing out that 7DTD is so much more than that. The beauty of it isn't just killing Zeds, as is the case with others. It should be first and foremost a zombie SURVIVAL game, with crafting and building. It's unique and amazing. Some of us just want to make sure it's uniqueness isn't lost.
  4. Fun Pimps listen to this... Spot on. A17 feels less "open" and "creative", and more like a Zed slaying experience. The beauty of the game over the years has been a sense of doom whilst building, knowing that there's a threat yonder, but the mining, digging, building is where this shines. Think about it, the popularity of Minecraft is based on the fact you can manipulate the world and allow your creative juices to run wild. A17, 7DTD feels like it is taking a slight step away from the creative to a model involving more killing and Zed hunting for XP. Be very careful here, because it is the underground bases and construction that, for many players, keeps them coming back. I'm not saying that you can't be creative in A17, only that for some reason and it is hard to put a finger on it, it feels like it's drifting away from what it once was. I'm loving don't get me wrong, but the sooner we can destroy, mine, build, dig, manipulate, and run havoc with the Voxel model after starting a new world, the better. Anyway about to jump back online!! My hats off to the Devs for their persistence and passion.
  5. Ahhhhh I just realised the insanely slow fists and stone axe time-between-swings delay is less pronounced on multiplayer servers. Very odd. In single player the delay between stone axe swings is slightly longer relative to muntiplayer.
  6. Some great points here. The part about the slow speed of the fists and stone axe. Jesus, it's infuriating how delayed the swings are. That's will no doubt get fixed. You know, there is a part of me that wishes many of the changes didn't happen. I like the graphics, new AI system, and perk system (when working). I even like the new POIs, but once you have done one, you've done all those like it which for the first time is fun, but then the dungeons simply because predictable. I think variety in buildings was needed, to keep things fresh. This has been somewhat achieved. In short, A16.4 was loved by many, if the only thing that had of improved was an upgrade to the Unity engine, without the added systems, I would have been delighted!!
  7. I Fully agree with everything here. Fun Pimps, fantastic work and great job with everything, but number one priority moving forwards, especially now that it's been close to 6 years in the development cycle, is to work on optimising processing and gameplay moving forwards. A stable 70 plus FPS on this game consistently would make this hands down incredible.
  8. When you finally increase your specs, you'll experience 7DTD at 75 FPS and go crazy when it hits anything below 50 on horde night/general horde. You'll then understand how I feel when I read that you've been at 20 FPS... Wow
  9. Thanks Faatal. I understand. Please note that FPS drops occur significantly anywhere on the map when the Zed count increases to ~20 or more in a concentrated area (e.g. horde nights being a prime example). This feeling is shared/experienced by many players, not just me. Obviously FPS drops are to be expected, however it has been somewhat of an issue even in previous iterations. I look forward to the day that the game runs consistently smoothly, within reason, and without expecting perfection from the end of the consumer. I'm sure it's nothing to do with code, only new content and AI tracking systems etc. Also, please work out fixing the speed with which the stone axe delays/pauses between swings!!
  10. Correct. I just put up with limitations and enjoyed the game. Never complained ever. But, I'm reaching a point now where it's getting long in the day.
  11. It's takes a lot for me to stop playing this game, however, the fists, stone axe, and other tools swing incredibly slow. Or, more precisely, the time between each swing is severely delayed. It's absolutely infuriating. I used to love chipping away at stone and wood, no longer. Until it's fixed I can't play. On a separate note, I also can't play because when I enter a building with say, 20 - 30 Zeds, for example the hospital in Diresville, my FPS drops from 75 (I play on high settings) to 20 - 30. Even for an experimental build, let me tell you, I've been waiting patiently for a long, long time for this version. And frankly, it's time to work on optimisations isn't it. Even for people with 7th gen CPUs and GTX series GPUs, the stability is lacking and has been since 2013. It's such an incredible game, but little things are holding it back from reaching its true and rightful potential.
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