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  1. They also got to play with spears that traveled a decent distance and arrows that didn't drop about 10m in front of you, go figure.
  2. Loving the mod so far but ran in to quite a few issues / annoyances. Playing from a clean install. 1. Desert biome is super laggy compared to the other biomes. Forest, burnt etc all fine but the moment I step into the desert its a frame rate drop and lots of glitchy movements, mountains and terrain in this biome seem to struggle to render themselves. I have tried tweaking the graphics settings but to no avail. A17 the desert is smooth and sweet. A18 its a glitchy lag fest. 2. Twice ran into an issue that caused me to have to restart where I was trying to drop wood, iron and clay into a forge only for it to ignore the forge slot and just drop the resources on to the floor. Or it would let you place one item and then ignore any further places, dropping them, until you closed and re opened the forge. This after a while extended to most of the inventory. 3. It seems pretty pointless to have to craft an iron door to upgrade a wooden door rather than just using the raw materials as before. This isn't so much an improvement as it is "fleshing out" the crafting process in a more tiring way. I think I preferred it better when you could just use wood, iron, forged, steel to upgrade the doors instead of having to run through all the extra hoops to be able to craft an iron or steel door to upgrade a wood/iron door. 4. You claimed that things weren't so much level locked anymore and you can pick any path you choose. Not so. Lets look at crafting. The first thing you unlock Hammer/Forge/Engineering thing, then grease monkey and then yeah science. Surely if you want people to pick any path they choose you should be able to spec into any one of these from the get go rather than having to put a ton of points into Intel in order to unlock each one in sequence. Even though this isn't a player level its still level locking the crafting to a specific level of Intel. In A17 you could at least choose to put your points straight in to one tree instead of being forced to spend your points in one specific way. 5. In pregen 1 if you visit the desert trader and knock the railings outside of his trailer door they fall off and crash to the floor. 6. In the barns (ones that contains a car, multiple cement bags, cobble stone crates, animal pens etc) you can't farm the cement/cobbles from the suspended platform just in front of the loot room on the inside...because...that whole section will just crash to the floor the moment you hit any of the bags. 7. Rocks are a pain in the a** to mine. Everything else whether wood, iron, clay etc you can get a fair amount of but rocks never seem to give more than about 45-50 per boulder even with points in the perk. Short of mining for hours on end, which isn't exactly the most exciting thing ever, rocks seems to be harder to come by. 8. Ya went overboard with the lighting on the mesh objects. The trash bag for one wouldn't go amiss in a sci fi movie on some alien world. Let alone the horrible lightning on metal, wood and other things. You need to dial back the specular a little. 9. On the subject of textures. Take the birds nests for example, they are so hard to spot now. In A17 you could look around and be like "Hey theres one" now you can be onto of one and short of flying up and looking down you will never see it. If the ground has patches of clay and other types of rock showing through then you have no hope as they mostly blend in and become half invisible. 10. Sometimes if you accidentally click to fire the bow, after it has fired, whilst aiming in. The bow will get stuck in the aim in position. It also sometimes glitches and no matter how much you try, it won't aim in at all. Okay thats enough for now. I will update more as I play xD
  3. My thoughts.. Perks and levelling are boring. It's that simple. World exploration is dead. Especially on multiplayer. You can survive, level up and get to a steel base with turrets and spikes and max weapons by doing the following. Find the shotgun messiah factory, setup camp nearby, mine rocks for stone, iron coal etc, harvest trees, dig for clay, raid the factory which also has cars outside for you to wrench and boom...super base and awesome weapons with tons and tons of ammo. One of the things I loved about 7D2D when I first played it was the level by doing system that meant you had to get out there and get good by using the tools and weapons and moving around. It forced you in a way to have to explore the world in. Now, it's just a standard XP grind watching the bar go up over and over like...pretty much every other game out there with most things level gated instead of allowing the player to take the much better natural progression path. The game was once organic in feel where you could take the path of your choosing. Now..you pretty much have to follow the same path over and over and obtain the same things in the same order through perks. Boring. POI's. Still predictable, ton of zombies, you know they are in every room. No variety or randomness. Generated around the player instead of random encounter. Boring, repetitive. Overall, the game is becoming a linear open world with predictable AI and not much wiggle room in the progression you take. The old way of doing things was way better. You all need to listen to your community more. Whilst some like the changes a lot of others do not. Rather than force the more boring path on people you should create different game modes. Allow people to setup either a XP grind by boring progression or progression organic and naturally, maybe re introduce the horse mode thing that was in A7 and before. Give people a variety of play styles to choose from. Let them choose between the whole 20 hour game thing and something that's longer, harder and more organic. That's one of the problems I see in this forum. The users tell you what they want and you guys...let's be fair...you ignore it, leave a ♥♥♥♥ish comment or acknowledge it but act like you don't really listen. And your answer in the end "guys we have a new vehicle". You need to step back and look at games such as Warframe. A game largely dictated by the wants of its community. It's repetitive, grindy, more so than 7D2D yet it's immensely popular. Why? Because the devs actually listen to their community and take on board and implement the things they want implementing. They quiz their community about how they would like to see the game progress and have earned immense respect and dedication from their fans. Idk just my thoughts.
  4. Okay so I have given A17 a good try. Spent a good number of hours levelling, building bases, crafting (whats left of it) etc etc. And I have to say that some aspects I'm actually quite enjoying. The new traps, vehicles and randomised building designs are amongst the plus points. I dont like that the working jail cell doors were removed, I thought they were a pretty neat addition and the metal spike traps that chopped off the zombies legs...they need to be put back in also. However, I don't care what y'all say....its impossible and I mean IMPOSSIBLE to create a base that defends well against a blood moon horde. I just read in another thread where one of the mods commented about people being defeated and how there were ways to create defensive bases that lasted....perhaps if your base is guarded by superman sure but not that I could see with the current setup of the game. And il share why : So, my first base was created from wood and then upgraded to iron with a few upgraded defensive doors, raised platforms, some spikes etc etc. I won't bore you with the full details of this one but I was overrun in less than 30 seconds. The blood moon horde with its insane damage pretty much went through iron like a knife through butter. I built a few other bases and the same things happened...I figured tho this was to be expected given the materials. So this got me thinking. Given how strong the horde now is and given the ridiculous spawn factor....what would it take to actually defend against a blood moon horde. So I switched on the debug menu for no clip, opened the creative menu and set to work. --Base 1 : Reinforced Concrete-- So I created this base with two block thick reinforced concrete walls. Four vault doors leading in on all four sides as I know the zombies seem to be attracted to doors first and foremost. Inside you go up a ramp to yet another vault door into a central room with a further four vault doors leading to an outside platform. Surrounding the base I had an electric fence and wooden spikes with two turrets at each entrance. And finally some bars extended out around the edge to prevent the jumping zombies. This base lasted aprox 2 minutes 8 seconds. And no im not exaggerating. The zombies shrugged off a hail of turret bullets, came out unfazed from the electric fence and broke the fence inside of 5 seconds and pwnd the wood spikes like they were made of butter. Then came the vault door, ya know the strongest door in the game. They knocked their way through every single one and several walls in no time at all, overran the base, several of them just up and walked up a four block high concrete wall....somehow... and then death...good times. Base effectiveness grade : 0/10 --Base 2 : Multi vault doors test base-- So after the previous base got utterly pwnd in a matter of minutes I started wondering about the effectiveness of the vault doors. So I set up a test. I placed four vault doors at the entrance of a simple square base and set the server time to a blood moon day and waited to see what happened...doors lasted less than 4 minutes, zombies overrun, death. Multi vault door effectiveness grade : 0/10 --Base 3 : Underground hideout-- Wait....what underground hideout....every time I tried to mine the ground caved in on me.... Base effectiveness grade : -7/10 (RIP mining) --Base 4 : Ultimate f**k you zombies house base in diresville-- So I went into Diresville and took over a house. I killed one zombie and then suddenly a further 6-7 from out of no where randomly appeared right next to me. I ran for the next room, whilst killing them with the AK only to disturb 3 more sleeper zombies which caused another group to pop pretty much onto of me....so you can imagine the outcome. Then, once that house was dealt with i knocked out all of the lower outer walls up to four blocks in height and replaced them with stainless steel. Inside of the house I used the nail gun to upgrade all of the walls, especially ones surrounding doors to the max they would go. I then knocked out every single door from basement to top floor and then replaced them all with vault doors. I then destroyed the steps at the front and back of the house and used the stainless steel blocks to create some walls around the porch, 3 blocks high, and then put a double set of bars front and back over the rest so I could shoot at zombies if needs be. Then I went around the outside of the house placing iron spikes in a 2-3 height stacked row. In front of that I put two layers of electric fencing and then a further layer of barbwire fence. I then placed 4 turrets at the front of the house and four at the back. Two facing frontward and two facing out diagonally to the side. Added some candles running the exterior so I would have some light. Then inside...I added more iron spikes in front of all doors, both sides. In front of the walls next to the doors, both sides. These spikes pretty much ran all over the property. I knocked out any windows and replaced them front and back with bars. Then created two upper escape routes. One ladder to the roof with a vault hatch covering it and one door on the top outer wall that lead to a bridge that went over onto another building. A vault door covered this exit also. I did leave the interior stairs in place as I wanted to see how long it would take the zombies to reach me whilst on the upper levels. Oh and I added an extra layer of metal spikes running the very outer edge of the garden. Then I went around and make sure that I had not missed anything and figured this should finally be a good enough base to survive a zombie horde night. How wrong I was... I set the time on my server to 21.55 and waited and then at 10pm a horde charged straight at the front of the house and hopped straight over the first set of spikes and ignored them completely....doing well so far. The turrets started firing like mad but the zombies just shrugged them off and charged straight into the barbwire, destroyed it in seconds and then into both electric fences...both gone in about 30 seconds....then at the 3 stack high metal spike barrier surrounding the house. That succeeded in defending me for roughly 30 seconds until enough of them piled up to stand ontop of it..unfazed I might add...remember I said I only went four blocks up with stainless steel. Well standing on that gave them access to the 5th block which was now iron after being upgraded.. That went through after a minute and then not too long after that so did others. They hopped on up, hopped on in and jumped over most of the spike defences. Straight up the stairs, through the artificial upgraded wall I placed with a vault door in at the top of the stairs. Bare in mind by this point its realistically 2-4 minutes since the horde arrived. Then I turned on no clipping mode to see what else was happening quickly and found they had broken through all lower defences, into the basement, through several vault doors, and were now hammering on the ground floor vault door into the kitchen. I went back up top and within 5-7 minutes of starting the blood moon night....my base was overrun and death occurred AGAIN. Base effectiveness grade 1/10 (it gets 1 because it lasted 2-3 minutes longer than my previous attempts) That is insane....that base should hold up well against any horde and not be TOO badly damaged at the end of it. They pwnd that base....using the strongest block I could find and the strongest doors with a butt load of defences in no time at all. I couldn't even out run the horde due to their ridiculous spawning. They just kept popping around me no matter where I was. What on earth are you supposed to build as a base so that you can survive a A17 blood moon horde. At the minute iv come to the conclusion that base building is now a pointless exercise and instead its best to build a few small wooden huts here and there with a bed and some storage boxes in and on the blood moon night just find a roof, destroy any stairs going up to the roof and sit there until its over. Even given that option, some of the zombies are jumping as high as the roofs themselves. Gotta be honest though, the latter option is way way way way less fun than having a base with at least SOME chance of defending like you did in A16. I am okay with a stronger horde...so long as we are given at least some chance to survive it and maintain some aspect of a base. At the minute it seems that, short of making a base with 20 block thick walls and 600 vault doors in a row with 63 layers of 10 block high metal spikes and 1400 electric fences, bases are a pointless endeavour.
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