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  1. Greetings, I have been playing 7Days2Die on and off since it was born and while I have seen the game rise and fall, the current version and the way it is going I would say it is at its worst right now. Wanna know why? Stamina. Yes, the stamina system in this game is messed up, it's terrible, it's bad, it's horrendous, gosh, this game is @%$#ing me off. I started a fresh map to try out the new Alpha 19 and I was hoping it will bring great things to the game, while it added a few things, it also made it horrible in a number of ways. Firstly my stamina dropped to 50% cap on the third day, why you may ask? No reason. Yes, that's right, no reason. I kept my character fed and happy but my stamina dropped, probably because I was getting tired from all the mining, understandable. The next day, I ran out of food, hunted a few hundred deer and would you look at that, I can cook 10 grilled meat with my 100 raw meat! Fantastic! Time to eat it. Huh? It only fills 1% of my hunger? What? I am starving after eating 5 deer? What? My stamina is now 0? Fantastic game, great game. Oh and let's not talk about how zombies on Day 7 now break through your concrete wall and electric traps like it's butter. Stamina summed up in this game: Got a scratch? Lose some stamina. Go a sprain? Lose some stamina. Broke your arm? Lose some stamina. Hungry? Lose some stamina. Thirsty? Lose some stamina. Infected? Lose some stamina. Fatigue? Lose a lot of stamina. Concussion? Lose some stamina. Run for too long? Lose some stamina. (Fair) The list goes on and on and on. And what's funny is that you can easily get all of these effects at the same time, easily. And once you do take care of all of them your stamina cap is still 50. Because why not? It takes time, okay. Well. Also, can someone explain me why you cannot jump while low on stamina? Who would rather chose to die in a survival situation because they couldn't jump out the window when they needed it? Come on Fun Pimps, fix this. Thank you, Lose some stamina.
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