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  1. Completely agree. This is 100% my point, but apparently we are in the minority on these forums. I don't think it should have to be a mod, even just put an option in the server settings for those who'd like to use it - but I asked this dude to make a version that lowered consumption and he did. Hope this helps you, it's finally playable imo! https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/387
  2. You absolute hero. Thank you for this. Do you know if there's any change from 3.2A to 3.3A?
  3. I've thought this, but I'm going at max about 500m, often times a lot less. I live in the centre of a city; right next to the trader. I do the cheapshot sneak attacks on headshots, usually using the worst guns I have, e.g. blunderbuss. Food does have an affect on your max stamina, if you're starving it's nearly capped at around 60% I'd say, if I'm remembering right
  4. I don't know why I'm getting vastly different results, then. As I said, it's not an issue finding food, it's an issue of how quickly the bars are going down. Further testing: 1 hour days - Insane Brawler, heavy armour, Iron gut, living off the land, Healing factor, The temperature one, can't remember the name (Full perks) Level 142. Steel knuckles - Steel armour Day 1 fully fed - Tier 5 clear quest - 1 hobo stew - Ran back home - Cleared horde - Already at 60% food - Chopped 20 trees broke 30 boulders - down to 20% another hobo stew - went hunting (4 stacks of meat) - killed some zombies - ran home - down to 40% another hobo stew. Day 2 (Horde night) - Tier 5 clear - Tier 5 fetch (couldn't finish in time) - down to 40% hobo stew - did some mining under the base for expansion for about 15 minutes, down to 55%ish - chopped trees for spikes down to 15% hobo stew - cook - tend farm - place traps - Prepped for horde, down to 60% hobo stew - Fought horde - down to 60% again. Day 3 - Hobo stew - Fully fed - trees - stones - mining- down to 20% hobo stew - Cleared random horde x2 - tier 5 clear - run to trader - run home - tend to farm - cook for people - down to 40% meat stew - veggie stew - horde - trees - rocks - horde - farm - down to 50% hobo stew This continues on and on, and I'm almost *never* full. This is also just *my* data, there's around 8 of us on a good day, and everyone's always eating. (Never heard 'Food, boss?' so much in my life) Like I said in the original post, it's not an issue finding animals or farming, just with how quickly it goes down. I'm punching a good 90% of the time, mining and chopping a chunk of the rest, and running in and out of buildings. I am wearing heavy armour, occasionally getting hit and having to heal, (punches heal, though), and trying to get a quest done in time if possible. After thinking some more about it, I'll post my equipment in detail. Steel knuckles Steel armour (Full) Running/Cycling is main transport, fuel is used for mollys + auger for our miner + other stuff. Brawling 95% of zombies Only shooting when necessary, as ammo is precious for hordes. Healing factor - 200 max hp. Adrenaline punches heal with every hit. Max weather resistance. Max Iron gut. 1 hour days Full to empty in about 25 minutes of play. 2/3 to fill, 1 extra if I've been whooped. /perday
  5. Lol dude, chill out. It's in alpha, this is exactly what this time is for. I also didn't search, I asked one question and got several people replying saying the same thing. Again, it's not the issue of having enough units of food to survive. It's the frequency with which I need to be harvesting, farming, cooking and dishing it out. As soon as I've finished a batch, I get like ten minutes of questing, then someone needs to eat again. And who, eats four stews a night? I'm massive in real life, and a single stew will do me fine, with a bowl of cereal in the morning. Clearly I'm not out fighting every day of my life, but I am a heavyweight boxer. You don't need to eat that much. Absolutely! I am the hunter and the farmer. Living off the land is maxed. Level 128 (Me) Level 85, 83, 77, 68 and two 55's. 100% full, with running around and occasional punching and even more occasional healing, I need 3 hobo stew's a day cycle, and another in the night. That's just me. Fairly consistent for the three day period, tested this four times. Sometimes I need an extra stew if I've taken a beating, that dude earlier was right about the healing. Again, it's not about having not enough hobo stews. It's about how quickly you burn it. I can make a stack of stews, everyone has two or three on them, but then I'm back to the farm, back to hunting, back to cooking. *Constantly* needing to eat. Only gives me around ten minutes of play time per day to actually do anything.
  6. So, found others online that think the food usage was/is way too high. Hope this shows that it's not just me and my group. Cheers Pete
  7. Will do pal, I'll put my findings here and edit them into the original post, too. Cheers
  8. Nope, not many hits. As I said, several thousand hours and playing on insane, I've learned to be able to avoid getting hit most 95% of the time. I do have healing factor maxed, but I do play melee hand to hand. I heal by hitting the zombies, so healing factor shouldn't even play into that. Punching zombies, and sprinting just eats away at the food. I can't understand why it'd be the same for the others, they're all using guns. Of course there's a hint, it's the most filling meal in the game. Consisting of several portions of meat, veggies and the like. I don't know why this has seemingly upset you so much. I and several others I've spoken to, just feel you burn through it way too quickly. Punching, sprinting, healing as that other dude said, and I just have to carry stacks of stew, and spend a huge amount of time harvesting and cooking. Just isn't fun. I want to actually be able to dedicate time toward crafting, building and questing.
  9. So, you need to eat 3 massive stews a day. I don't know about you, but I'm 250lbs and I don't eat nearly that much. Stew for breakfast, stew for lunch and stew for dinner. That isn't realistic, no matter how you attempt to make it seem so. Nor do games need to be 'realistic' I suppose, it just isn't fun to be constantly making food, then having to immediately go look for animals, just to start cooking again. Every member of my group has tried filling that role, and they all say the same. As do others I've spoken to, who I don't play with. They say the same. Also, you've just confirmed that for those playing solo, they'd literally not be able to play. Hunting and cooking would take 100% of their time. What about those who don't have 8 friends to do so? It needs balancing. It's also not the amount of food that stew gives you that I'm suggesting they change. I'm talking about how quickly it goes down. You have to be *constantly* looking for animals, then returning to cook, then eat, then do the same for your friends. It just absorbs one of the players completely. As I said earlier, if you're solo or even duo's, you're screwed. You literally can't spend any time building or questing.
  10. Hello! First off, absolutely in love with your game. Me and my girlfriend have several thousand hours between us. The request I would like to make, would be to buff Iron gut? As it stands, when I play with my girlfriend and friends, I need to be CONSTANTLY searching for animals and food. Like, literally all the time. With a group of five players, it's just impossible to keep them fed. I was hoping you could make iron gut reduce food and water loss to about 50% of normal (so it takes twice as long to empty), then another 25% (so 50% total) reduction from physical exertion. All from the Iron gut perk. I get those numbers may seem high, but it honestly ruins the game for us. We can't build, craft or anything as all of our time is spent going towards food. If you don't care about dying, I'm sure there's no problem, but I run a series where if I die we reset the world. We play on insane, and I haven't died yet (A couple hundred hours in), but I can't do anything but search for food. It's not about my custom rules, though. It just isn't fun to be constantly looking for food and having everyone complain all the time. It's just way too quick. Even when you're level 100, you need multiple hobo stews to fill, and they empty within about 20/30 minutes of playing. I hope to hear from you, love the game, Many thanks, Peter
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