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  1. Steam name: Kavas Masta Hours played: 1192 Hours Started on Alpha: Steam Release Discord name: Kavas Masta#1597 Native language: English Operating system : Windows 10
  2. Those are som really terrible choices to make. 1.) leave your base and get rewarded for surviving a 7 day horde 2.) play like a normal base defense and lose 80% of the rewards. (either by despawn or destroying the loot). You sure you cant have a mechanic so that the land claim block just loots the bags in its area or something? (of course i know easier said than done)
  3. So I noticed in your video a large number of zombie drop bags despawned by the time the horde was over. Any news on that?
  4. Whats stopping books from giving a "moral boost" for instance i can give temporary lvl 5 perks or even a buff that wilkl make the next item you craft in a category legendary
  5. oof agility looking weak in comparison to all other perks rn looking forwards to improvements stealth give exp? or help during horde nights? maybe cause you to have a chance to lose agro? (aka randomly max out detection temporarily) (i dont see stealth having no more than flavor value and early looting) stam regen seems nice no comments or concerns there maybe as a big ability add a sprint burst on a 60/ 45/ 30 second cool down swim would have to be much faster unless you guys changed it or added some big poi's with flooded floors in them. bull rush is ok but should give a debuff to the hit enemy or the aoe knock down because 1 hit isnt that great especially with no sprint back peddling and its a horde game. Parkour needs a slam attack buff or fall damage reduction or really anything. how about sprint stamina or a perk that when you max out you can sprint in any direction. i could even start with ("move quicker when strafing") perk that reduces weapon encumbrance Just my two cents. also ill fix it when i get the chance i know theres alot of problems with grammar and formatting.
  6. For quicker crafting does that mean that we still have all four slots to begin with and we can craft multiple items at once? or we have to gain the old system back? (being that it just means we have to invest in queuing items up)
  7. I wonder what bugs are stopping them right now
  8. is there an option in the menus to revert the zombie loot back to simulate the old drop rates?
  9. Roland can we have the progress health bar back please
  10. just make zombies smarter on higher level difficulties?????????? i mean i play on max difficulty anyway
  11. wow that joke just gave me a great idea. make traders give quests that require players to power an object poi and repair it while protecting it from zombies. the context would be they need the poi's to maintain communications, maintain trade lines or protected areas for trade caravans to meet up.
  12. if i had wall made out of 40 players will they go for the players with the lowest fortitude to get to the concrete blocks? XD
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