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  1. IMO losing a level worth of xp to respec sound reasonable as a significant cost, but apparently that can't work so well with the way the game rolls. To me there is a problem when this sounds perfectly reasonable. There's a problem when so many people think ability to respec is badly needed. The answer isn't to remove respec. Fix the things that lead to respec being so desireable, like how impossible it is to create a decently rounded character solo without being level 200. Fix it so no skill vs any skill is so dramatic in too many cases so some skills feel less mandatory. Split skills into combat/noncombat and have separate point pools per level for each so we can work both combat/non combat at the same time without feeling like something has to be gimped.
  2. Much like map gen, this is another topic where I don't think the current system is better or worse than the previous ones, it's just different again. I would say this one of the better systems so far but it still feels lacking as a consuming player and I really don't like it solo (I'm usually doing highly organized co-op where we split roles/skills). For me this is a philosophical issue of sorts. This is the kind of crafting/combat game where you want to be good at all things. It's not really an RPG or MMO. The gameplay, content, difficulty curve - all scream at you to advance and become good at all things - fighting the ever increasingly difficult zombie variants, crafting/tech to work towards better gear you ALSO need for said zombies. Unless you are in military style organized co-op or are some kind of freak, you most likely do not play this game to be ONLY a builder, or ONLY a crafter, or ONLY a gatherer, or ONLY a zombie fighter, or ONLY a looter, or ONLY a farmer, or ONLY a miner. Even if you do play with friends you probably ALL want to be good at many things. The skills systems they put forth have all felt like massive hindrances to being good at all things. Somewhat necessary because it's equally silly to have players in top tier gear on day 1 (you would all be smelting steel day 1 if you could). But I think they all go too far, and cripple us too much early, with the payoffs from skills often being ridiculously overpowered making the difference between no skill and any skill so ridiculous that you rarely feel like you can be without out so many of the skills. Plus, the system in 17 was heavily attribute-oriented. 18 shed a lot of the attribute flavor such that there is very little point in attribute groupings - they've just become artificial buckets for skill groupings. All this does is make the system suck more because you get MORE gates. Need X skill points to raise a skill and need X skill points to raise related attribute even though raising related attribute is otherwise pointless (IF you happen to use weapons from that group it's ok, all attributes raise head shot damage making it nothing special. If there must be gates, the character level restrictions were less obnoxious. At least with that you could freely spend on your skills without also considering whether or not to dump points in attributes you don't give a crap about. The skill book thing has come and gone over time. It mostly sucks. It was ok when you could ONLY get some skills via books and had to hunt for them, except for those times you could never find a forge recipe and the tsunamis of tears flooded the forums. In theory the system in 18 sounds interesting but in practice, it's like a kick to the nads when you spend valuable points on some skill that you could've just got thru a book. This could be balanced better. If the xp gains were faster so that skill points didn't feel like screwing them up was major trauma to the point of wanting limitless respec, then maybe the books wouldn't be such a huge insult.
  3. I kind of feel bad for the Pimps sometimes. Every single update brings a tsunami of tears from the legions of cry babies. If you don't like the game, go away, don't play. Nobody will miss you. At all. You probably already have 1000 hours in an alpha game that cost you well below AAA costs. Call it done and just...go...away. IMO the map gen is fine. It's not great. It's not bad. It's fine. Same as it always is. It gets different from update to update is about all. My main complaints about map gen at this point are not that it changes from update to update, but that we have so little ease of control over it considering how many options the game has in general. There are some basic map criteria that should be easily configurable for US to decide how OUR maps end up, and it would alleviate most of the crying. Ok, probably not. Some of you are clearly born to whine. Whether cities are connected by roads, road density/degredation, city size and quantity, trader quanity and proximity to towns, number of biomes and percent of biome types - all should be readily controlled options - and hopefully will be some day (game didn't even have random gen originally, for those so clueless they don't even know that, now it has some pretty sophisticated random gen for this kind of game trapped in Unity and all they get is crying). Main reason the do not do this is because 9 out of 10 people in this thread would explode their diapers pissing out tears when their game/server ground to a shrieking halt when they try to make 16x16 maps that are ALL SKYSCRAPERS and other incredibly stupid things, then cry about it on forums when it doesn't work. More realistic complains are that roads often lead to nothing and/or "big cities" aren't linked by roads like they would be in reality, meaning you may need to explore randomly off into the wilderness and boom, hey, there's a city, with no roads in or out - trippy dude! Same could be said for trading posts, which are often out in the middle of nowhere and/or not where you'd expect them - near SOMETHING. I've literally had TP's 2km away from anything resembling a small town. Cuz the clampets need their personal trader out in BFE. I'm not a fan of the striped biome thing either, but I wasn't a fan of the patchwork quilt biome thing or any of the other seemingly randomly put together ideas for making unnatural looking maps. Like I said, different is about all we see - not better or worse. I like the part in this thread where someone argues against cold being to the north and desert to the south. Maybe that person is from south of the equator? Because generally speaking...and this is a game with random map gen that is going to have to work in general terms? Too logical or common sensical?
  4. @canadianbluebeer thanks for posting those biome changes (and/or how to tweak them) Btw, seed "Starbuck" gets you a 261kb prefab file on the 8k map size. I'm attempting to come up with something original but that one is pretty decent for 8k size. "Afterlife" is 247kb on an 8k map and is the most insane map I've seen yet (as far as nearly being a continuous city)
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