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  1. i actually enjoy it. love not having to replant the seeds. yes it takes time to get a bunch of plots made up, but super easy once you get them. i plant in rows, but just place the plots on top of the ground/building and walk between the rows to harvest. the plants are at eye level and are super easy to harvest. always be on the look out for gut piles and also harvest any dogs that you kill.
  2. i have long thought about this. i on one hand would like to have "boss" zombies. some big bullet eating fast moving zed that strikes fear when seen. but on the other hand its zombies. they are dangerous as a group, not individually. they should be dumb and slow and only be killed with headshots. thats how every zombie movie has made us think. i am fairly happy with the current zombies. maybe make a brother to the demolisher. call him the punisher or something. non explosive beast of a zed
  3. step #1 when you enter the trader: shut the door behind you
  4. i dont miss spam crafting. i spent many nights just crafting stone axes. i like the new system, but could see in a single player scenario where it would be difficult. i play in a group so we all specialize to a certain point now
  5. i like the idea, but may be hard to implement that much. i think farming animals would be hard to do. i thought it would be a good idea to craft bird houses. could be as simple as a 2 block high placeable bird house on a pole, made by wood and nails. in the bird houses there would be eggs and feathers, that would respawn(repopulate) every 7 days. no birds(since there aren't birds in game currently) would be a steady source of eggs and feathers for early game. could have a variable where some times the bird houses are empty after they respawn eggs and feathers.
  6. if one of my buddies is hosting the server on his pc, how if he downloads it and installs it on the server, will it automatically be installed on all of ours then? or does everyone on the server have to download it individually?
  7. baseball bat with mods and perked heavy in melee and close range combat. get some heavy armor with the running shoes and your a tank that can run. couple guys i play with use boat loads of ammo and are amazed that i can go into a room first with a bat and clear it. hardest part is finding a level 5 or 6 bat
  8. does anyone use a mod that changes the hud to show the hunger and water level? are there different ones? can I play on a server with that mod if nobody else has it? it drives me absolutely wild that they dont display that with the health and stamina. thanks in advance
  9. so what does a guy do to not overheat in the desert? i just bake every time i enter it. usually end up running around naked but that usually doesnt work that well
  10. so i recently found a recipe for the lerning elixer, had the ingredients so I made it to see what it did and it lasted 30 seconds and was gone. i didnt notice anything, and reading the description of it didnt help me out either. awhile back i was reading a thread that went into a few details on them but cant seem to find it. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  11. could you have an option on who to share xp with? or limit the distance that xp gets shared so the guys out looting and killing z's dont share xp with guys mining or at the base? just throwing out some different ideas
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