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  1. I suppose that makes sense, thanks for the reply
  2. When I first started out I wasn't thirsty until around 70 or so thirst. Now I'm at gamestage 162 and the thirsty debuff won't go away until over 100 thirst, and the threshold just keeps rising. I tried taking off my heavy armor but nothing changed, I'm just constantly thirsty now and I've no idea why.
  3. I play on a private server with some friends, and we were wondering how much of an effect exactly the lucky looter has. 1 of us is perception focused and has max rank looting, we've basically worked out ahead of time which attributes we are each focusing on in order to be more balanced and have someone able to do a certain thing really well. However, there are certain resources/books that can only be found by looting, so some of us would like to help with that whenever possible, but since most don't have any points into looting, is it even worth it? Wouldn't it be better to let the guy with the best looting do it all, or is gamestage a much more important factor when it comes to loot quality?
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