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  1. Nope, just made a new server that's how I fixed it
  2. Should've done this before coming here buuuuuuuuut Update: Verifying integrity of files did not solve the issue
  3. I host an A19 server and last night the power went out. When I re-opened the dedicated server it rolled back to day 1 and the ground textures have disappeared (so far there are no dirt ground textures or asphalt I don't know what else is missing) the ground is still there, it can be dug up, you just can't see it. Attached is an image, this was what it looked like before I updated to the latest experimental (I have the server set to latest experimental, yes I know expect bugs), but updating to the latest didn't solve the issue either(A19 b157 as opposed to A19 b154) Is there a way to rectify this? Provided are my output logs from the last time the textures worked all the way until the last attempt Client side: output_log__2020-07-07__23-04-05.txt output_log__2020-07-08__08-52-46.txt output_log__2020-07-08__09-07-56.txt output_log__2020-07-08__09-38-35.txt Server side: output_log_dedi__2020-07-06__00-23-12.txt output_log_dedi__2020-07-08__07-15-44.txt output_log_dedi__2020-07-08__09-06-13.txt output_log_dedi__2020-07-08__09-37-02.txt
  4. Where do you add the export line? I can't find anything. I shut my server down to try and add some mods to it specifically: farm2life CrosshairGoneWhile Aiming S420_SimpleUI-Compass S420_SimpleUI-CraftingQueue S420_SimpleUI--ForgeInput S420_SimpleUI-LeftHUD-BuffTimers When I went to start it back up it refused to initialize, when I removed all traces of all of the mods it continues to refuse to initialize. I'll gladly answer any questions you guys have. I also have absolutely no idea where to put that export thing, I don't have a "startserver.sh" Solved: For whatever reason when I shut down the dedicated server it didn't shutdown so therefore it was trying to use ports that were already in use. Found out when I opened task manager
  5. Wait I have to unzip it twice? What exactly do I unzip once it's already been unzipped? - - - Updated - - - Ah this was the issue, I think you need to tweak the folder and instructions then if this is the case
  6. Doesn't work for me I put it into the mods folder in the main 7DTD directory pathway is: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Modlet-PickUpWildPlants-master Unable to pick up Chrysanthumum(sp?) and Yucca with this modlet am I doing something wrong?
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