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  1. I feel like this is too meta for me to understand... like wtf are you all talking about? Or is the joke that this is a game about radioactive zombies who shoot acid, and we can build giant concrete structures by hand? Anyways, I miss the old giant mutant bees and their beehive houses. I think it'd help if the vultures felt like they were flying realistically. Bees can fly crazy, so it didn't matter much when they hovered around you.
  2. Before you bash me, please understand, DEFAULT difficulty. So I've been playing every alpha since A14, and I have to say, the latest Alpha, at default difficulty settings, with 4 people was very difficult. As one of the two best players, I often found it *very* challenging on blood moon nights, and the two worser players were getting so frustrated that they've essentially quit (no longer show up to play, especially if they know blood moon is happening). Overall, I'm happy that the game is much more difficult, without being unfair. But myself and the other "good player" are the ones who beat Dark Souls, and the others are the ones that wouldn't even have a chance of beating it. However, default difficulty is supposed to be set for newer players and average players. Currently, I feel the default is more suitable to default+1. While I'd love it if games like "Dark Souls" were more the norm, the reality is, they aren't. You can't assume that people have been playing games or FPS's their whole life, like I have been. As far as official server difficulty goes... I'm not sure what the "correct" difficulty would be, except maybe have several different ones available? I haven't touched public servers since like A16 though, so I can't really talk about that.
  3. ElCabong, it isn't though. The crossbow is better in all categories than the bow (comparing same tier, as in the best of each type, or the worse of each type...) huh? It makes sense the stone one is better than the steel one? How's that make sense? Like, you can make a well balanced steel sledgehammer. A rock on the end of a stick isn't going to be well balanced. Soulbreeze, that's interesting about the sledgehammer. Although that feels like it's encroaching on what the stun baton is *supposed* to do.
  4. Night time is a problem. I'm sure there's good solution(s). Maybe special opportunities like you say, or maybe something else.
  5. I was playing with some friends, and a few things really bothered me. Sledgehammer: The pros of this weapon are non-obvious, if really any. It swings so slowly and takes so much stamina, that between the loss of accuracy, the slowness of getting in multiple hits, and the stamina drain, even finding a good sledgehammer early on (as a strength character) makes them unreliable... at best. It's range is leaves you wanting (as it appears to be the same as any other club or tool). Spear: So unless I'm missing something here, even the steel spear does very little damage with it's regular attack, compared to an early game iron weapon. I understand it's decent for throwing, but they're easy to lose. I had found a tier 6 steel spear, gave it to our precision guy, and he quickly lost it inside a building (not even in a grass plain). Perhaps if they were much cheaper and/or had location marks (like the bicycle). I also think it's a poor decision to mix "spear" and "javelin" terminology in the game. Perhaps change both reference to "throwing spear" in all locations? Harpoon could also be a possibility for a name change, and maybe you could make a version with an attached rope that keeps a target tethered to your throwing location for a period of time (short for pvp and future bandits, but fairly long for zombies and other 'dumb' creatures.) Stun Baton: The stun baton also seems lacking in zombie killing power. I assume the point is for it to "stun" things, but I don't have direct experience with it. All I can say is, even with 10 intelligence and a Tier5 stun baton, our guy didn't care for it much and usually resorted to a baseball bat with hardly any strength. Bows and Crossbows: The realistic reason crossbows are "better" is because they require almost no skill to use, however they often took a long time to reload, especially compared to a bow and arrow. Gamers, in general, prefer bows, which are often treated as "better" than a crossbow. The reason for this is usually bows are harder to shoot (because of the severe arching) so to "balance" for this, usually their damage and/or speed is increased quite a bit compared to the more rifle-like crossbow. I don't really see this in the game, with the crossbows being a better choice in every way as far as I can tell.
  6. It's an important mechanic for players to have a way to "escape" if their base utterly fails them. Otherwise, it causes chain deaths (or if not a local server), people just log out until it's over. Compared to a player that kills zombies on horde night, you will have far less levels/xp if you spend the same time riding around your vehicle.
  7. I was confused what you meant by your title (like range... how far away they are?) I do think it'd be great to have them show up somewhat randomly. It'd also be cool to set the time (also with the ability to do +random range). Like, an active server with an airdrop that happens at NIGHT, causing you to risk zombies and other players, would be cool... I haven't played on a PVP server in a long time, so not sure how airdrops work on them anymore. (Currently playing with a few friends on private server).
  8. I bet the problem is that certain traders will spawn with very limited possible locations near them. So instead of having "random # 1-100" they have "random # 1-3"
  9. Unity has a performance problem with fast moving objects and their built-in collision detection. There's two setting, one that has the problem you described, and the other having the problem that it's a HUGE performance hit. Multiply that across zombies, and it's not-feasible. The solution is a complicated melee raycast system. I say "complicated" because it usually requires a lot of trigonometry and fancy tricks to get the raycasting to match up to the weapon's location (and nothing extra), and strange weapon shapes all have to be adjusted for (such as an axe head vs a spear). It's totally doable, but represents a large amount of work just to get it sort of functioning, and even more work to get it to feel right. Of course, this is the right thing for the game to do (eventually). AFAIK, there's no good way to get Unity's mesh colliders to function well with fast moving objects.
  10. I meant the way people use it derogatorily. Especially on these forums, some very vocal people would complain about crafting being "grindy," and I suspect it was these whiners that got them to change it to the current point buy system. Although, usually if people are whining "the game isn't fun" it's because the reality is they've played it so much, they're bored of it. I play 7DtD once a year until I've very thoroughly exhausted what's released and then wait until next year to do that again. Some people will continously play the same game (even for thousands of hours) until they're so, so, so sick of it, that all the updates in the world couldn't make it fun and fresh for them again...
  11. That's a great idea. Ok, so the point of the "punishment" is to promote fairness (and proper play) on servers where that matters. TBH, I'm not much of a pvper, but it's such a rampant behavior, the devs really need to do something about it. Also, in terms of "readiness" the idea is that it's keeping track of how many daylight hours the player has logged, and therefore they've had the same number of hours as everyone else...
  12. For live servers (not private games), it's a problem that players will log out for the night. Players that log out should be punished. My suggestion (to keep things fair), is that if a player has had (daytime hours of 7 days without a blood moon) that not only is every night an attempted blood moon, but they should be inflicted with a debuff that can only be cleared by participating in a blood moon (being logged on for the full night). The debuff could be something thematic like "hunted" where difficult mobs (like feral) are spawned near the player that are already "agroed" and cannot easily be de-agroed. If the player runs from them like in a vehicle, they just despawn and respawn when the player isn't in a vehicle. These mobs should have a drop rate of 0% in order to insure people don't "want" the debuff (for looting purposes).
  13. I've been a long time player. Played a bit of Alpha 13 and every Alpha after that. Just an FYI. Alpha 15/16 (and before) are the only ones that had "balanced" crafting skills. Once TFP went to "point buy" they introduced a problem that any avid RPG fan has seen in games such as D&D (also NWN). No matter how many ways I've seen designers try and balance around this, they always run into the same problems. You simply cannot balance noncombat against combat. The only way to balance combat and noncombat is to seperate them. There are several ways to do this. You can use "use them to raise them" like Skryim and A15/16. You can use seperate experience/point pools (Fable games). You can use class progression (ick, please don't). My preference is "use them to raise them" like Skyrim. I'm still very disapointed that the game has moved into this abstracted XP system, where you can run around killing zombies with a shotgun and bow and arrow, and become a master of sniper rifles and scavenging. In addition, games with "use them to raise them" are much more approachable than games that work like a D&D character sheet. In general, I think abstracted designs (earn XP from a bunch of different tasks, but then use that XP to get good at whatever you feel like), are bad game design. The whole industry is moving away from this. In general, the biggest blockbusters are less abstract (In World of Warcraft, you don't raise smithing by killing mobs and using that xp to raise smithing). But what about the "grinding?" Grinding really just means "gameplay that isn't fun." One struggle with 7 days to die is it attracts two very distinct player types. "The gatherer/crafter" and the "looter/killer." The first player doesn't mind grinding materials and "crafting 600 stone pickaxes," and often find tasks like that in general rewarding. They probably find killing tons and tons of zombies boring, repetitive and/or frustrating. The second player type is the opposite. They want frequent battles, and probably find things like mining tunnels tedious and boring. In order to solve these issues without making either player unhappy, the game just needs to focus on it's strengths... allowing players to achieve many things doing only the thing they like doing, as well as tweaking (not eliminating), "boring tasks" to be a little less boring. A15/A16 had issues, but very solveable issues, for how these tasks were structured. These earlier builds were very focused on the gatherer/builder. But in A18, you can almost entirely ignore crafting, since nearly every item (and often the best items) are easily obtained on a scavenger/killer build. Some of the "grindiness" issues of A15/A16 are easily solveable. I had made a simple mod that allowed you to craft certain stackable items (that were also often needed in large quantities) to raise the skills that often required you to fill boxes and boxes with the same item (stone pickaxes). I also noticed a big problem with the game loop on A17 and A18. In previous versions, you would spend most of the day collecting / scavenging, and then at night, doing minor base improvements (nothing that made too much noise), and crafting. Since there is no real reason to "grind crafting," there's even less to do at night, meaning you're bored. On servers, it was often already a problem that players would be logging out at night (especially for bloodmoon), but I'm finding myself not even wanting to waste RL time being in the game at night. In Summary, realistic progression > abstract progression. Separate XP/Point Pools > combined pool
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