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  1. This is now resolved. Ended up just deleting everything and downloading new.
  2. How is this done? Not able to find directions for it outside of using the Steam UI, but don't have that installed on this system and just using SteamCMD to install/update.
  3. Your command actually ran something, probably because of the -validate, but still running as 173.
  4. I'm attempting to update my dedicated server to A19 b178 and Steamcmd states that it's update to date, but it continues to load as 173. Am I missing something in getting this updated properly? My main system I play from auto-updated correctly with Steam to latest, but running the commands in Steamcmd seems to not get it done.
  5. Is there a best place to look to ID either? The settings for configuration are no different, from what I can tell, than previous server iterations.
  6. I used to be able to run the server without issue and recently attempted to setup a second dedicated to server to run. Initially, everything worked well - but I was having issues with a mod and overall ended up deleting everything and re-installing fresh. Since then, the dedicated server .exe will immediately close/crash on launch and a log is not being produced. Any assistance is appreciated.
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