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  1. I'm sure I am not the only one who thinks the amount of stone and bone tools is not only unnecessary, but also very very unrealistic. I mean the it is now there are hundreds of people who built stone tools. It is just annoying. I am really not a fan of this loot-based-on-day system. Maybe you already overthought this, but I didn't read it in the last update-notes.
  2. Is this for real? How many times will you guys change the perks from here to there and back again before you realize that you already had the perfect system that built on learning-by-doing?! This is totally annoying. Nobody can really do, what they'd like to, because specialization is predefined.
  3. Sounds very nice. I love the Book System as it is right now. But I really wished you would consider going back to the Learning-by-Doing Perk Tree, because it feels very unnatural the way it is right now. The way it is built you can specialize the way it is designed, but not the way you'd like to. For example: I am specializing in roaming around. I hunt, gather, do quests and trade. My weapons are bow and knife. So far so good. You can specialize in that with the same perk tree. But what about the looking for animals? Its in Perception. What about the better use of knife? I skill strength for
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