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  1. I’ve just seen the 17.1 update, does anyone kow if they’ve fixed the storage on minibikes so that a client can view it? My brother and i both have minibikes, but i built them both (he took other skills), he can’t view the storage at all in either bike. I’m the host as well, win 10. Haven’t played 17.1 yet (i’m at work).
  2. I’m having no problems with fps, i’m using an 8700k, 16gb ram, and an nvidia 970. I’ve got the settings on high, 1920x1080. I’m consistently getting 40-60 fps, i’ve yet to see it drop below 40.
  3. My first 10 minutes went like this: “Ooh, shiney!! It looks pretty!! Grab some grass, make a bedroll. There’s a poi, lets have a look in there. Sleepers! Dammit, woke them up. Double dammit, fell into the basement!! THE STAIRS ARE BROKEN!! how do i get out? Kill this construction worker with the torch (don’t have anything else :s), aah, a tunnel. Is that the way out? IS IT ♥♥♥♥, ZOMBIE BEEEEAAAAAARRR. Run awaaaay, run awaaaaah i’m dead.”
  4. My thoughts on farming are pretty much echoing many others. Punching/grabbing makes sense, but the regrowing not so much. A plant doesn’t just grow because why not, it needs tending to. Maybe add some kind of watering/feeding option? Going with the food spoiling idea, maybe use the rotten food as a kind of fertiliser/compost? For instance, in Subsistence, the plant bed has bars forg how much water and how much fertiliser is in the dirt. The fertiliser comes from the chicken house, so it’s infinite (ish).
  5. I recently upgraded my pc. I want from a quad core 9650, to an I7 8700k coffee lake, a board upgrade to an Aorus gaming board, from 8GB of ddr2!! To 16GB ddr4, and from a standard oem type fan cpu cooler, to an H100i water cooler. I bought a new case but kept my old psu, i already use an ssd for my OS, and standard 7200rpm hdd’s for everything else. I also kept my Nvidia Gforce 970 4GB. I spent around £1200, but mostly because i endedup buying 2 cases (i wanted one with a slot for my DVD rom, but the first one didn't have one, the second one did but i had to pay £120 instead of the £70 for the
  6. I’d like to make a suggestion for A17e/A17.x, disable the command console. If you want to make it scarey, that’s a good start
  7. I’d look at it from a slightly different angle. I’ve never seen it said anywhere that you would be completely alone (that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been), and it would stand to reason that if one person could still be alive, so could others. The world is a wasteland now, and with other survivors being around, then someone with some savvy would set up an outpost for trading. That to me is just common sense. Doing quests for those traders and/or factions also makes sense because then you are getting on the good side of the factions, and are under their ‘protection’ (i.e, not being shot on sight), o
  8. Careful, that’s hinting at it being released soon
  9. I don’t like Dorito’s (i didn’t like that glitch either though to be fair). Pringles instead?
  10. Has the glitch in the ground graphics been fixed? (The one that made the ground appear as a wedge, mostly if you dug under and the ground above collapsed? Looked like a big wedge that wasn’t really there?) Or did that happen with the upgrade to unity 2018? That was the most annoying bug i ever came across in A16.
  11. A game shouldn’t be that real though. It’s a game. The point of ANY game for me is to turn off real life for a while. If it’s just a grind for food, then why would I bother to play it? I can just do that in real life some more (work, eat, sleep, repeat). A game should be able to capture your imagination. It should make you feel like you want to go loot that POI, like you want to change that wall and build an extra room for storage boxes, like you want to go outside and do something other than hide behind that reinforced wall and steel door until you actually have to go out and get food, jus
  12. I don’t see that a game that is ‘that’ realistic would even be a game. If they can’t get through a steel door for instance, you’d just build a reinforced concrete wall house with steel doors, and you’re safe. There’s no danger to that. The only requirement would be to fight your way out to go and loot for food.
  13. I don’t think they stack, i think it just increases to the next percentage. So it wouldn’t be 10%+15%, it would be 10%, then 15% (so plus 5%).
  14. How about, it causes you to turn but you don’t know you have (does a zombie know it’s a zombie?). Then, when visiting a trader for instance, you’ll either get knocked out and wake up in a bed at the traders, with a course of antibiotics recommended, or just put down (depending on how long/severe the infection), at which point you’ll wake up back in your base, in your own bed as you would if you’d been killed in the world?
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