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  1. How about you throw a tire in there too. Back to lurking!
  2. So Iآ’ve been thinking about horde bases for a18, and Iآ’ve thought of a new(atleast new to me) design. I want to see if anyone has built a similar base and if so, how well it has faired. I call it, the chimney defense. Picture a 3x3 tower, that is 20-30 blocks tall, preferably made of concrete or steel. In the center of the tower is a ladder that runs roughly 3/4 up to the top. You stand on the top of the tower and shoot down, as zombies climb the ladder and stop just short of the top. Since you are directly over the zombies, you should be able to get headshots almost 100% of the time, reducing wasted shots. Plus, dropping the new frag grenades down the hole should work too. Perhaps at the base of the tower there could be a hole below the tower to collect the loot bags. And electric fences running through the middle to slow them down. While it may not be the most efficient way to survive, the idea behind it is to harvest as much xp as possible with minimal amount bullets & grenades. Anyone build something similar? And if so how did it work?
  3. Breeding animals isn’t gonna happen. Breeding animals means new entities taking up space and causes performance issues. Just like in Minecraft when you breed a bunch of animals. tfp dont want MP servers to suffer because some dude is breeding hundreds of chickens for his new KFC restaurant. As far as taming goes, we were supposed to be able to tame wolves. I donآ’t know if this idea got scrapped or not.
  4. well, if you enjoy exploiting the AI then go for it. But if you play with a standard base it is difficult. My horde base is nothing new or elaborate, but it is effective. a 9x9 square made of reinforced concrete walls are 5 blocks high. One 3x3 entrance and a 2x3 pillar in the center for structural support. two blade traps are placed just inside the front entrance along with barbed wire fences and spikes to slow them down. Spikes are placed along the floor and walls inside the rest of the room. Im up top in an iron bar cage shooting down on incoming zeds with a modded quality 3 shotgun. It survived the day 42 horde on survivalist difficulty. They wore out my blade traps and spikes in the first 2 hours, if I did not have my shotgun and ak they would have shredded the place. At the end of the day they did a fair amount of damage, I had to replace 12 blocks of concrete and patch up the rest. The resources required for this meager base are fairly intense. The iron bars being much worse than the concrete. And with wandering hordes of feral wights showing up this requires more frequent repairs and grinding. I have been noticing wandering hordes stopping near my base, rather than continue to wander on as they used to do. On a side note, I keep noticing everyone saying they have endless amounts of duke coins. I must be missing something, my better barter skill is level 4 and I still get crappy prices. I have a whole chest full of pistols I have looted that are worth 40-50 coins. and One piece of steel from him costs about the same. That seems a little ridiculous to me. What am I missing?
  5. Hold shift and left click. You can thank me later.
  6. I was thinking of a hand powered generator. Perhaps one with a stationary bike set up and you could use that to charge battery banks or supply power to your electric fences and traps. Something primitive that would help if you didn’t have a generator up and running yet.
  7. Hey guys, I've been trying a17 over the last week, overall I just wanted to say great job TFP! If I had to use one word to describe it, it would be refreshing. The visual overhaul is great, and the revamped combat system has been nice. although jumping back in on Survivalist has been punishing and I've died more times than I care to admit while adjusting to the changes. It truly feels like a new game. I struggled at first to catch on to all the new mechanics that have been introduced. And I do miss some of the old features such as item quality affecting weapon stats, as well as parts of the old skill system. But I am withholding judgment until I have spent a few more hours in a17. AI Pathing is interesting now. I am enjoying the smarter ai, but I've noticed a few issues. I have spent two horde nights in a row just sitting on top of the chimney of a two story house. The zombies were able to path on to the roof in seconds, but they wont destroy the chimney I am standing on. They keep running around in circles. I believe it is because the roof is sloped and they are technically getting closer to me by running up the sloped portions, rather than just destroy the column I am standing on. But I am sure this will get ironed out. Keep up the great work guys! On a side note, the first toilet I checked had a pistol and a few extra rounds, its good to see some things never change
  8. Hey all! I hate to be that guy, but I was wondering how close we are to A18. Are TFP still on track for the first half of the year or sooner? I haven’t played since A16, I wanted to give the game a whirl again but I don’t want to start and then have to restart if A18 releases soon. I know release dates aren’t given anymore, but I’m just looking for the overall temperature in the room. Thanks! -Ghost
  9. In short, every survivor is carrying an ozonics machine on his belt. https://www.ozonicshunting.com/products
  10. Squash one bug, and two more will take its place!
  11. You know, I have over 1400 hours logged in this game. I thought I knew just about every trick in the book, but never have I thought to take a wrench to a landmine. P.S. If this a troll post and I get blown up, I will say in advance "Well done!"
  12. - - - Updated - - - Why find a path when it can make one?
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